In Humboldt's footsteps - DAAD alumni meeting in Colombia

May 12, 2019.  

From May 10-12 2019, Project leader and acting ZEF Director Eva Youkhana joined the regional DAAD Alumni Meeting in Bogotá, “250 years Alexander von Humboldt: Cosmos or Chaos? Scientific world descriptions today” to discuss the questions and contributions that arose from Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) field studies in Latin America. The 150 invited alumni from all over Latin America (Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, México, Perú, Venezuela) and Germany, discussed in the conference venue of the Hotel Tequendama AvH's contribution as a model for the future to face globalization, climate change, environmental degradation and related conflicts, the responsibility of scientists for society, biodiversity research, and challenges for digitalization. Eva Youkhana gave a talk on “Interdisciplinariedad y ciencia crítica de Humboldt”.

Besides panel discussions and thematic working groups, German research organizations informed about their financial support and allowed researchers to network for future projects.

More information on the event here.

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