Obituary for Dr. Muhammad Mehmood Ul-Hassan

April 22, 2020.  

Our beloved former colleague Muhammad Mehmood Ul-Hassan passed away in Kenya, where he worked and lived.

It is with great sorrow that we heard and herewith announce that our beloved former colleague Dr. Muhammad Mehmood Ul-Hassan from Pakistan passed away on March 20. Dr. Mehmood Ul-Hassan completed his doctoral studies at ZEF in March 2013. He received his doctoral degree from the Faculty of Agriculture in Bonn for his doctoral thesis on "Nurturing Interdisciplinarity in Agricultural Research through Capacity-Building: A case study of ZEF's Uzbekistan Project"

He was a strong interdisciplinary researcher, bringing in rich experiences from the practical world as well. He was a well-beloved colleague with a calm, humble and cooperative personality and a focused and effective way of working. Particularly his contribution to the development of the ‘Follow-the-Innovation approach’ with other ZEF colleagues in the context of ZEF’s long-year research work in Uzbekistan and Central Asia remains part of his academic legacy. He will be deeply missed by us.

After leaving ZEF he worked as Head of the Capacity Development Unit at the World Agroforestry (ICRAF) in Kenya. Our thoughts are with his family in Pakistan.


Photo credits: ICRAF