"The urgency of public works programmes"

April 27, 2020.  

Article in D+C Development and Cooperation Magazine by ZEF Director Prof. von Braun and ZEF Senior researcher Dr. Tekalign Sakketa on the employment in Africa and much needed public works programmes

Issue April 2020

"Market dynamics on their own will not generate the employment Africa needs. Well-designed public works programmes (PWPs) are needed to create jobs, improve infrastructure and empower poor people, including women and youth.

Africa needs about 20 million additional jobs every year. Even successful growth-oriented policies will hardly generate so many jobs. Without those jobs, however, Africa’s young population will become ever more frustrated and alienated. Governments must rise to the challenge (see Hans Dembowski in Focus section of D+C/E+Z e-Paper 2020/04). Revitalising African economies after the coronavirus crisis will require even more attention to jobs."

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