Dr. Adama Konseiga alumnus nominated for Global Development Awards and Medals Competition 2006

November 14, 2006.  

Dr. Adama Konseiga, ZEF alumnus and former DAAD scholar, has been selected as a finalist in the Global Development Awards and Medals Competition 2006 in the category Global Health Concerns, Domestic Responses and Reforms, and he is invited to participate in GDN's Eighth Annual Global Development Conference. His selected paper is titled "Assessing the effect of Mother’s Migration on childhood mortality in the informal settlements of Nairobi", a work that used longitudinal data collected every 4 months in a Demographic Surveillance System (DSS) in two slums of Nairobi, Kenya.


The paper is available at ftp.iza.org/dp2295.pdf


Dr. Adama Konseiga was born in Burkina Faso and works now at the African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) in Nairobi.