First academic workshop in Tajikistan co-organized by ZEF

April 11, 2012.  

ZEF and the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan are organizing a workshop on ‘Agricultural knowledge governance and advisory services in post-Soviet Tajikistan’ which takes place on April 17-18, 2012 in the Agrarian University of Tajikistan in Dushanbe.


The workshop is going to bring together around 30 representatives of local Tajik NGOs, policy-makers and local and international academics. They will discuss the current state of agricultural service provision in Tajikistan and its potential development towards a locally adapted extension service system.


It is the first larger workshop in a series of academic and stakeholder workshops on the topics of local governance and agricultural knowledge systems in Tajikistan. The overall aim of the series is to contribute with empirically based research - conducted in close collaboration with local NGOs and actors of Tajikistan’s current system of agricultural extension - to current debates on the future of this system.


The workshop is organized with the support and in cooperation with the BMBF-funded project ‘Epistemic cultures and innovation diffusion in post-Soviet Southern Caucasus and Central Asia - pilot study: Agricultural knowledge systems in Georgia and Tajikistan‘ and the VW-funded project 'Conversion of knowledge in Post-soviet Agriculture: The impact of local governance on the knowledge management of agricultural in Tajikistan‘, both led and carried out by ZEF, University of Bonn.


Please find the program below.



Anna-Katharina Hornidge

Prof. Dr. Anna-Katharina Hornidge