Bonn Water Network event on World Water Day 2021: Website launched and event video online now

March 25, 2021.  

Bonn Water Network launches website at virtual World Water Day event on March 23

The Bonn Water Network launched its new website during the Network’s virtual World Water Day 2021 event on March 23 (more information here) which was organized on the occasion of World Water Day 2021 (‘Valuing Water’).

More than 200 participants from all over the world registered for the virtual event. The event was co-hosted by Luna Bharati, (IWMI) and Annabelle Houdret, (DIE) spokespersons for the Bonn Water Network. Luna Bharati stressed in her introduction the importance of recognizing the ever-changing mosaic of water values and fostering an enabling environment for cooperation.

The first contribution was by Bonn’s Mayor Ms. Katja Dörner, who stressed in her video message on World Water Day how crucial water-related research and policy work is for Bonn, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary as Germany’s United Nations City. Danilo Türk, former president of Slovenia and Geneva Water Hub, Margaret Deignan , senior editor with Springer Nature, and Janos Bogardi, chief editor, then introduced the Handbook of Water Resources Management:Discourses, Concepts and Examples’ (published by Springer, 2021) which was launched at the event.

During the subsequent round table discussion and Q&A, authors of the handbook and members of the Bonn Water Network gave input on and discussed different aspects of the World Water Day’s 2021 theme ‘Valuing Water’. Zita Sebesvari (UNU- EHS) explained how different drivers, pressures and stressors challenge the value of water, Bernhard Tischbein (ZEF) explored how to value water for the environment in a context of high demand and negative environmental impacts of water use for irrigation, Ines Dombrowsky (DIE) elaborated on the role and effectiveness of river basin organizations in mediating different water needs and values, whereas Mahsa Motlagh (Bonn Alliance) talked about how emerging digital technologies can contribute to better valuing water in sustainable governance approaches.

If you missed the Bonn Water Network’s March 23 event you can watch the Zoom recording on ZEF’s youtube channel here:

This event was also part of the “25 years of UN in Bonn” campaign, celebrating Bonn as Germany’s United Nations City for 25 years.

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Luna Bharati

Dr. Luna Bharati