ATSAF Job News - 01.2008

January 14, 2008.  


1. Administration and Finance Coordinator - FIAN International

2. Wiss. Mitarbeiters/-in (E 13 TV-L), Fakultät Forst-, Geo- und Hydrowissenschaften

3. FARA: 3 Post-doctoral Fellow-Social Sciences

4. FH Eberswalde: ½ Stelle Wiss. Mitarbeiter, 3 Jahre

5. Agricultural Economist (Horticulture)

6. Uni Kassel, Witzenhausen: Wiss. Mitarbeiter/in (BAT IIa) Post-doc



Stellenanzeige Administration and Finance Coordinator - FIAN International


FIAN - FoodFirst Information & Action Network International is an international human rights

organisation campaigning globally for the realisation of the right to food. FIAN works with

members and partners in over 50 countries and enjoys consultative status at the UN.

FIAN International is seeking an experienced Finance and Administration Coordinator to join

the team at the International Secretariat of our not-for-profit NGO for a renewable 3 year-

contract as from March 1st, 2008 on the basis of a 40-hour position.



The coordinator supervises financial and contract management for the funds and projects of

the organisation. She/he will be responsible for reviewing budgets and expenditure plans,

providing analysis, consolidating financial reports. He/she will liaise with FIAN national

sections and coordinations and donors on financial and contractual issues. The coordinator

will also be expected to fully and reliably comply with donor and auditor reporting regulations.



The successful candidate will have experience in financial administration and management

including project management in an NGO or similar environment (in particular, experience

with EC Grants). A good understanding of institutional donor requirements and donor

reporting, and excellent communication skills are required. The coordinator should have

excellent communication skills in English and German. She/he should be also able to work

with the Spanish-speaking sections of the organisation. The coordinator should have a key

role in supporting the development of fund-raising strategies for the entire organisation.

He/she should have work experience in the field of human rights and/or development.

Involvement in the implementation of content activities will as well be expected, as




Please refer to the full job description for further information. To apply, please forward a

current CV, references and a detailed covering letter outlining how you meet these to the

FIAN International Secretary General Dr Flavio Valente ( Postal

applications are also accepted (FIAN International, P.O.Box 102243, D-69012 Heidelberg,






Fakultät Forst-, Geo- und Hydrowissenschaften

An der Fachrichtung Forstwissenschaften, Institut für Internationale Forst- und


ist an der Professur für Tropische Forstwirtschaft ab 01.04.2008 die Stelle eines/einer

wiss. Mitarbeiters/-in (E 13 TV-L)

zunächst befristet auf 3 Jahre zu besetzen. Die Möglichkeit der Verlängerung besteht. Die

Beschäftigungsdauer richtet sich nach dem WissZeitVG.

Aufgaben: Management der Landnutzung in den Tropen und Subtropen; Durchführung des

englischsprachigen Masterstudiengangs "Tropical Forestry and Management" unter Leitung

der Professur für Tropische Forstwirtschaft; Koordination im Erasmus-Mundus-Studiengang

SUTROFOR (Sustainable Tropical Forestry); Beteiligung an Aquisition und Betreuung von

Forschungsprojekten in Tropenländern.

Voraussetzungen: Promotion in Forstwissenschaften oder angrenzenden Fachdisziplinen;

Erfahrungen in den Tropen/Subtropen; fundierte Kenntnisse und methodisches Wissen in

folgenden Fachgebieten: Analyse und Entwicklung von forstlichen und agroforstlichen


in den Tropen und Subtropen und Integriertes Management der Landnutzung auf

lokalen und übergeordneten räumlichen Ebenen mit dem Schwerpunkt Wald/Gehölze.

Frauen sind ausdrücklich zur Bewerbung aufgefordert. Selbiges gilt auch für behinderte


Ihre Bewerbungen senden Sie bitte mit den üblichen Unterlagen und einem ergänzenden

Schreiben, in dem Sie Ihre Motivation zur Bewerbung erläutern, zusammen mit einem


und adressierten Rückumschlag bis zum 31.01.2008 (es gilt der Poststempel der ZPS der


Dresden) an: TU Dresden, Fakultät Forst-, Geo- und Hydrowissenschaften, Fachrichtung

Forstwissenschaften, Institut für Internationale Forst- und Holzwirtschaft, Professur für

Tropische Forstwirtschaft, Herrn Prof. Dr. J. Pretzsch, Postfach 1117, 01735 Tharandt.





FARA: 3 Post-doctoral Fellow-Social Sciences



Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) wishes to appoint 3

post-doctoral social scientists to carry out social science research on

Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation within the Sub-Saharan Africa

Challenge Program (SSA-CP). The SSA-CP is a program of the Consultative

Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) implemented by FARA.

It was developed following a widespread consultation as a way addressing

the failure to translate research outputs into developmental impacts at a

significant scale in SSA. The program utilizes the Integrated

Agricultural Research for Development (IAR4D) approach. This is an action

research approach for investigating and facilitating the organization of

groups of stakeholders (including researchers) to innovate more

effectively in response to changing complex agricultural and natural

resources management contexts, in order to achieve developmental outcomes.

A key strategic component of the approach will be the establishment of

innovation platforms that will form the basis for interaction of multiple




Responsibilities: Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation within the

SSA-CP will serve several functions; (i) facilitate the operation of the

innovation platforms (ii) track progress (iii) track learning and change

(iv) collect data for testing hypothesis (v) collect data for project

management (vi) write reports and spearhead the widespread dissemination

of findings in the study.



The social scientist will therefore be responsible for conducting action

research to develop appropriate monitoring and evaluation systems both

that serve these functions at multiple levels (innovation platforms,

community, research and development (R&D) institutional level) that can

help to facilitate the monitoring and evaluation of organization and

institutional change arising from the process, the effectiveness of the

IAR4D, and impacts of agricultural innovations on livelihoods.



Specific responsibilities will include:



. Facilitate the formation and operations of innovation


involving relevant multiple stakeholders



. Working with stakeholders to develop and define the overall

objectives on which the M&E system will focus including the development of

impact pathways for the innovation platforms and the field level research



. Lead in the development of PM&E plans, indicators and tools for

data collection to track changes and promote learning at different levels

(innovation platforms, organizations, communities and households)



. Developing capacity within the different actors to establish and

manage both participatory and formal monitoring and evaluation systems and

provide technical support to the process



. Developing methods to analyze M&E data to evaluate


of the IAR4D process, impacts of agricultural innovations on rural

livelihoods, and to promote institutional learning and contribute to

policy discussions



. Facilitate monitoring, reflection and learning within the

innovation platforms to ensure lessons are used to improve the project

implementation process.



. Organize forums to facilitate learning and reflection across

innovation platforms, projects and Pilot Learning Sites in collaboration

with M&E specialists in other sites and document the outcomes.



. Develop reporting and information sharing mechanisms, document

and publish results of the process in different media including peer

reviewed journal articles, popular press and policy briefs.



Requirements: The successful candidate will have a Ph.D. preferably in

Rural Sociology, Development Studies or any other relevant social science

discipline, with practical experience in participatory monitoring and

evaluation and applying qualitative and quantitative methods for research

and data analysis. The candidate will have demonstrated skills in working

as a member of a multicultural and multidisciplinary team and a solid

record of research publication. Skills in organizing capacity-building

activities are required. It is desirable that the candidate has leadership

potential, the ability to foster development of teams, fluency in English.

Depending on the location, ability to communicate in French or Portuguese

will be an added advantage. Willingness to travel extensively and to

spend a significant amount of time in the field working with rural

communities and project teams is a must for this position. The appointment

will be for two years starting immediately renewable subject to

performance and availability of funds.



Location: SSA CP works in three Pilot Learning Sites across SSA. These

are (1) Kano-Katsina-Maradi axis covering part of Nigeria and Niger

Republic in West Africa (2) Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi axis in

Southern Africa and (3) Lake Kivu axis (Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo).

Successful Candidates will be located with collaborating institutions in

the sites.



Screening of CVs for this position will begin immediately and will


until the position is filled. Applications, including Curriculum vitae and

the names and contact details of three professional referees (including

telephone, fax numbers and email address), should be sent to Dr. Wale

Adekunle, SSA CP Coordinator, FARA Headquarters, 2 Gowa Close, Roman

Ridge, PMB CT 173, Accra Ghana. Email

<> with a copy to Dr. Monty Jones,

Executive Director of FARA; FARA Headquarters, 2 Gowa Close, Roman Ridge,

PMB CT 173, Accra Ghana. Email





We invite you to learn more about SSA CP and FARA by accessing the web







FH Eberswalde: ½ Stelle Wiss. Mitarbeiter, 3 Jahre



Im Studiengang Ökolandbau und Vermarktung ist zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt, befristet

bis zum 31.12.2010 die Stelle einer/eines

Projektmitarbeiter/in bzw. Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in

Vergütung nach TVL 13 (50%) vorbehaltlich der Finanzierung zu besetzen.


Durchführung des Projektes "Partnernetzwerk Ökolandbau Brandenburg" in enger


mit der Studiengangsleitung und Koordinationsstelle "Ökolandbau und Vermarktung, BSc".

o Konzeptentwicklung für eine integrierte Ausbildung für den ökologischen Landbau Berlin-


o Weiterentwicklung der Ausbildungsplattform ökologischer Landbau Berlin-Brandenburg

o Moderater Ausbau und Identifikation neuer "Studienpartner Ökobetrieb"

o Weiterentwicklung, Planung und Durchführung von Qualifikationsmodulen im Netzwerk

"Studienpartner Ökobetrieb"

o Unterstützung der Vorbereitung und Organisation der Lehre in den Studiengängen

"Ökolandbau und Vermarktung, BSc" und "Öko-Agrarmanagement"

Aufbauend auf den Projektaufgaben wird die Möglichkeit einer berufsbegleitenden Promotion



Abgeschlossenes Universitätsstudium der Agrarwissenschaften (Dipl. Ing. agr. / M.Sc.)

mit dem

Schwerpunkt Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften des Landbaus

Landwirtschaftliche. Berufausbildung oder äquivalente Erfahrung in der Praxis des

Ökologischen Landbaus

Kenntnisse der Methoden der empirischen Sozialforschung


Eigenverantwortliche, projekt- und teamorientierte Arbeitsweise

Bezug zur Agrarwirtschaft in der Region Berlin-Brandenburg und den Netzwerken der

ökologischen Lebensmittelwirtschaft

Gute Kommunikationsfähigkeit, Führerschein

Die Fachhochschule fordert qualifizierte Frauen ausdrücklich auf sich zu bewerben.

Schwerbehinderte werden bei sonst gleicher Eignung bevorzugt. Bewerbungen sind mit den


Unterlagen (Werdegang, Zeugnisse etc.) bis zum 20.1.2008 zu richten an: Fachhochschule

Eberswalde, Prof. Dr. Anna Maria Häring, Friedrich-Ebert Str. 28, 16225 Eberswalde.





Position Announcement

Agricultural Economist (Horticulture)



AVRDC - The World Vegetable Center is a non-profit, autonomous international agricultural

research center with

headquarters in Taiwan and regional offices around the globe. AVRDC conducts vegetable

research and

development programs that contribute to improved incomes and diets in the developing


The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) is a non-profit


agricultural research center in a worldwide consortium of 15 centers, supported by the

Consultative Group on

International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). Its mission is to improve the welfare of poor

people and alleviate

poverty through research and training in dry areas of the developing world by increasing the


productivity and nutritional quality of foods while preserving and enhancing the natural

resources base.

AVRDC and ICARDA are seeking an agricultural economist for a joint appointment to

enhance horticultural

research and development in the Central and West Asia and North Africa (CWANA) region.

Key Responsibilities: The successful incumbent will be responsible for the coordination,

management and

conduct of research and development activities on marketing and agricultural economics

aspects of horticultural

systems in the CWANA region. Specifically, the incumbent will:

o Develop competitive and efficient horticultural product supply chain models for linking

farmers in

CWANA to markets through local, national, regional and global food chains, supported by


assurance standard and certification systems;

o Design and conduct pilot studies, and develop/adapt appropriate upscaling approaches for


emerging from the pilot studies;

o Link into existing training and capacity building initiatives for enhancing farmers ability to be


commodity-chain partners, and specially for enhancing the capacity of women in value-added

processing and water use efficiency; and

o Develop and maintain databases and disseminate information in local languages on

marketing potential

and post harvest handling/processing of fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, herbs and spices,


plants that can be grown competitively in the CWANA region.

Qualifications and Experience: The applicant must possess a Ph.D. in agricultural economics

or related

discipline with post graduate research experience in marketing, preferably in the area of high-

value horticultural

crops. She/he must have excellent communication skills in spoken and written English and

good track record of

research, development, publication, and obtaining funding for research and development

activities. Working

experience in CWANA region and fluency in Arabic, and/or French are desirable.

Terms of Appointment: The initial appointment will be for two years with possibility of re-

appointment. Salary

and perquisites will be commensurate with qualifications and experience, and will be

comparable with a regional

position for agricultural scientists. The successful applicant will be based at ICARDA´s

headquarters in Syria.

Application: Submit a letter of application, Curriculum Vitae, with names and contact

addresses (phone number

and e-mail) of three referees. Send to: Ms. Lilia Tan-Habacon, Human Resources Manager,

AVRDC - The World

Vegetable Center, P.O. Box 42, Shanhua, Tainan 74199, Taiwan; e-mail:;

fax: +886-6-583-0009.

Review of Applications: The review of applications will begin 15 January 2008 and continue

until the position is

filled. Only shortlisted applicants will be notified.

AVRDC - The World Vegetable Center is the principal international research center

dedicated to vegetable research

and development. Its mission is to improve nutrition and reduce poverty in the developing

world through improved production,

quality, processing, marketing and consumption of safe vegetables. For more information on

AVRDC -The World Vegetable

Center, please go to our website: <>


ICARDA addresses two key areas of agricultural research: germplasm improvement (cereals

and legumes) and natural

resource management. The Center has a global mandate for barley, lentil and faba bean

improvement, and a regional mandate

for the improvement of wheat, chickpea and forage and pasture legumes. For more

information on ICARDA, please visit





Uni Kassel, Witzenhausen: Wiss. Mitarbeiter/in (BAT IIa) Post-doc



ganztags, befristet für 2 Jahre (WissZeitVG), mit der Möglichkeit zur Unterstützung bei der

Habilitation (postdoktoralen Arbeit).






2 Wiss. Mitarbeiter/innen (BAT IIa)



halbtags, befristet für zunächst 2 Jahre mit der Möglichkeit der Verlängerung um weitere 2

Jahre (Qualifikationsstelle gem. § 77 HHG i.V.m. § 2 Abs. 1 Satz 1 WissZeitVG;




Im Fachbereich Ökologische Agrarwissenschaften, Fachgebiet Entwicklungspolitik, Migration

und Agrarpolitik (Prof. Dr. Beatrice Knerr)

zum 01.04.2008 Bewerbungsfrist: 30.01.2008



Stellen-Nr.: 20502058, Kennziffer: 9479,

Aufgaben: Unterstützung von Forschung und Lehre im Fachgebiet. Der Schwerpunkt liegt im

internationalen Bereich, insbesondere internationalen Faktorbewegungen

(Arbeitskraftmigration, internationale Finanzströme) und Entwicklungsökonomie. Dem Profil

des Fachbereichs entsprechend sollten die Forschungsinteressen des/der

Bewerbers/Bewerberin im Bereich der Arbeitmigration und der Rücktransfers liegen.

Da das Fachgebiet auch signifikante Forschungs- und Lehraktivitäten im Rahmen von

Umwelt- und Ressourcenökonomie hat, sollte der/die Bewerber/in bereit sein, sich in diesem

Bereich in Lehre und Forschung sowie in der Betreuung von Studierenden zu engagieren.



Qualifikationen: Abgeschlossenes wiss. Universitätsstudium im Bereich

Wirtschaftswissenschaften mit einer Endnote von mindestens `gut´ bzw. Promotion; sehr gute

Englischkenntnisse, gute EDV-Kenntnisse und Kompetenz in quantitativer statistischer

Analyse. Der Bewerber/die Bewerberin sollte auch in der Lage sein, die Pflege der

Fachgebietswebsite zu unterstützen. Darüber hinaus wären Spanischsprachkenntnisse