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October 05, 2005.  

We believe that there is an urgent need for a renewed sense regarding insecurities caused by natural disasters, climate change, epidemics and poverty, as well as the violation of human rights. Insecurityforum is dedicated to create an open forum on the internet for substantive and interdisciplinary discussion.




EADI has launched Insecurityforum - a new online platform on issues of insecurity and development. Insecurityforum with the help of a weblog will create a space for substantive discussion on the internet by attracting new ideas, views, research findings and information on international development issues and trends. We would like to encourage you to write and publish online your views, research findings and comments online at



What does Insecurityforum offer to you?


At you can:


* contribute online by writing your own post (article, commentary or research findings);

* comment on posts by other contributors;

* start new discussion on a topic of your interest;

* exchange and do networking on the internet;

* get free access to valuable resources and information on issues of security and development.


Join now our international team of authors! We look forward to your participation at!



Featured postings


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* EU Policy Coherence - A New Agenda for Closer Co-operation Between Peace, Security and Development Research?

* Development, Governance and Security in Central Asia

* “Water Security Through International Cooperation, Trade And Water Policy Reforms“

* Challenges for Post-Conflict Peacebuilding: How to Proceed after the Millennium+5-Summit?


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