Distant Learning World Bank Global Issues Series

October 17, 2005.  

In our world, there are many development issues whose resolution requires international action. Examples include: global poverty, communicable diseases, education for all, migration, climate change, access to water, malnutrition and hunger, international trade, international financial stability, conflicts, global public goods, and biodiversity.


Effects of these global issues are already being felt in our societies, economy, health, security and environment. These are expected to become even more acute as in the next 50 years, the global population will increase from 6 to 9 billion people and the global economy will double its current size. The mechanisms for addressing global issues are still evolving and will be challenged even more as time passes and world's population and economy expand.


In this context, the World Bank is offering a Global Issues Seminar Series starting October 2005 to promote better understanding of the nature and significance of global issues, and to generate discussion on the actions that are already under way, and what more needs to be done. This seminar series is open to everyone, and specifically to senior undergraduate and graduate students of the social sciences, international development, public policy and business.


The seminar will be led by experts at the World Bank who have first-hand knowledge and experience in the concerned global issues. The delivery mode would be distance learning via Internet (for individuals) and interactive video-conferencing with participants at participating universities using the Global Distance Learning Network Facilities and/or Internet 2 connectivity. Most experts would be speaking from the World Bank Headquarters in Washington, D.C., USA. Seminars would be conducted over a week on Wednesday, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. EST, Washington, D.C. time. Reading materials and presentations will be available shortly. Participation is free.


Information and registration at: web.worldbank.org





To contact the Global Issues Series, e-mail globalis@worldbank.org


Topics and Schedule:


October 12: Introduction to Global Issues and Forces Shaping Them

October 19: Global Compacts: A Better World for All?

October 26: Global Economy: Cancer of Corruption

November 2: Global Economy: Financial Stability

November 9: Global Economy: Conflicts and Development

November 16: Global Economy: Migration

November 23: Global Economy: Debt Relief and Growth

November 30: Global Economy: International Trade

December 7: Global Economy: Global Public Goods

December 14: Human Development: Diseases Without Borders

January 11: Human Development: Education For All

January 18: Human Development: Malnutrition and Hunger

January 25: Human Development: Access to Water

February 1: Saving the Planet: Energy

February 8: Saving the Planet: Climate Change

February 15: Saving the Planet: Sustainable Land Management

February 22: Saving the Planet: Forests and Biodiversity

March 1: Global Issues: Governance Mechanisms

March 8: Global Citizenship: What Can We Do?



Günther Manske

Dr. Günther Manske