Foundation fiat panis supports research on food security

February 09, 2011.  

Feb. 9, 2011. With its newly established program “Dr. Hermann Eiselen PhD Grant”, the Foundation fiat panis supports research on food security and rural development in developing countries. This new grant provides doctoral students from the Center for Development Research (ZEF) at the University of Bonn and the PhD program “Global Food Security” of the Food Security Center (FSC) at the University of Hohenheim with funding for sound empirical research in this area. Thereby the doctoral programs are substantially strengthened as more comprehensive empirical research is facilitated by this grant for at present about 40 doctoral students from ZEF and 14 from FSC.


The awarded students are to work on issues of food security at local and global level. The overall aim is to contribute to improving food security, especially among the poor in developing countries.


Besides providing funds for the actual research work of the doctoral students, the Foundation will also support collaboration and exchange between the two doctoral programs at ZEF and FSC. Therefore, joint courses at ZEF and FSC are being planned, during which the doctoral students will discuss methodological and strategic approaches for their implementation-oriented research involving local stakeholders and decision-makers. In addition, leadership and intercultural trainings will be part of the program.


The Foundation fiat panis, based in Ulm, Germany, was founded in December 2000. Its mission is to support research projects to improve food security in the world. More information on the Foundation fiat panis: see link below.

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Günther Manske

Dr. Günther Manske