Robert Bosch Junior Professorship 2009 awarded to ZEF Researcher

March 19, 2009.  

Asia Khamzina can be called a happy new Junior Professor now, after receiving the prize by the Robert Bosch Foundation at an official ceremony in Berlin on March 6 2009. The Junior Professorship for "Sustainable Use of Natural Resources" is awarded annually by the Robert Bosch Foundation since 2007. Ms. Khamzina is therewith the second prize holder. The selection procedure is chaired by Klaus Töpfer, former Director of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP).


Asia Khamzina will receive funding for her own research of one million Euros for a period of five years. Her research topic is "Competing claims on land use: Opportunities for climate change mitigation through afforestation of degraded croplands in Central Asia".


Photos © Robert Bosch Foundation



Alma van der Veen