Latest ZEF news no.29 published!

April 24, 2014.  

In this ZEF news you can read about the following ZEF research foci: Bio-energy from the developing world - squaring the circle? (editorial), challenges and opportunities of biomass production in Africa and ZEF's research on the nexus of bio-energy and food security.

A ZEF doctoral student from Ecuador reports about his field research in his home country on the impact of rural electrification programs.

Besides informing about different aspects of bio-energy this ZEF news contains articles about difficulties of access to fresh water resources in China, and irrigation management in trans-Himalaya.

Two contributions deal with the role of gender: one on domestic crisis management in Bangladesh and the other on land use planning in Indonesia.

Read how farmers handle transition processes in Central Asia and Caucasus- which has been investigated by a team of researchers on the basis of farmers' diaries in these regions.

WASCAL's new executive director, Laurent Sédogo, tells in an interview about his expectations of and plans with the WASCAL program.





Alma van der Veen