Latest ZEF news no. 35 published. In focus: Research from the field.

April 24, 2017.  

April 2017. ZEF's bi-annual magazine, ZEF news no. 35, informs you about our latest research, doctoral studies and partnerships. ZEF's research is based on studies carried out in the field.

You can read news articles about the following topics:

Editorial by ZEF-Director Eva Youkhana:Higher education and the SDGs.


Lead article:Biomassweb. Farmers' innovations in Ethiopia. By Girma Kelboro.

Roads shatter Earth in 600 thousand pieces. By Lisa Freudenberger.

One Health and urban transformation. NRW Fortschrittskolleg. By Timo Falkenberg.

Business as unusual. Entrepeneurship in Afghanistan. By Chiara Kofol.

Policy making on climate change and land degradation. By Alisher Mirzabaev.

Doctoral research at ZEF:

Field research: ZEF and RLC doctoral student Willis Okumu about Failing peacebuilding initiatives in northern Kenya.

Child labor: A global development issue from an Ethiopian perspective. By Essa Chanie Mussa.

Decentralization, basic services, and nutrition in Bolivia. By Pablo Evia. early warning system for risks to food security. By Regine Weber.


Interview with Professor Kensuke Okada from the University of Tokyo. ZEF and IPADS go for joint German-Japanese research.







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