Environmental peace-building and development in Colombia

Project leader Eva Youkhana of ZEF talking at the project's kick-off workshop in Colombia.

October 29, 2018. 

The bilateral doctoral studies support program on „Environmental peace building and development in Colombia“ is run by ZEF at the University of Bonn in cooperation with the Universidad Nacional, Bogotá, Instituto de Estudios Ambientales (IDEA).

With a "kick-off" workshop taking place in Bogota, Colombia, from October 16-19, 2018, the project has started officially.

The education and exchange program will look at the nexus of natural resources, governance and conflict in Colombia. We will use innovative and integrative concepts, methods and instruments to explore inter-dependencies.

The joint German-Colombian production of knowledge based on interdisciplinary exposure and integrative measures is the more important in a country in which the recently signed peace appraisal will be put to test by the way how society finds solutions for pressing issues related to conflictive extractive activities, environmental protection and, not least, the participation and inclusion of the population in decision making processes to reduce environmental conflicts.

Find more information about the project here.

The project is funded by DAAD, see https://www.daad.de/medien/der-daad/medien-publikationen/publikationen-pdfs/bilaterale_sdg_graduiertenkolleg_p31_2018.pdf (page 28)


Eva Youkhana

PD Dr. Eva Youkhana