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Evelyn Ewere - RLC Bonn PhD student

Evelyn Ewere from Nigeria joined the RLC Bonn in August 2017 to work on her PhD research on 'Bioeconomic Transformation in Nigeria: its impacts and sustainability'. She will collaborate with RLA Laureate Nnimmo Bassey and the RLC Campus Port Harocurt in Nigeria. Her research interest is driven primarily by the need for reducing Nigeria's dependence on fossil fuels with its attendant price shocks and environmental challenges.

Amit Kumar - RLC Bonn PhD student

Mr. Amit Kumar from India joined RLC Bonn in August 2016 to work on his PhD project on "Self Organization and Mobilization of Slum Dwellers in Urban India", working together with RLA Laureate Medha Patkar and her organization Ghar Banao Ghar Bachao Aandolan in the slums of Mumbai. He is currently in Mumbai to conduct his empirical work. Amit's research aims at the alternative imagination to the existing urban structures in relation to globalization.

Alejandro Mora Motta – RLC Bonn PhD Student

Alejandro Mora Motta from Colombia joined RLC since August 2015 to work on his research project on ‘Fundamental human needs in the context of extractive forestry plantations in Los Rios, Chile’. From June 2016 he will be developing his field work in Chile, in collaboration with Right Livelihood Laureate Prof. Dr. Manfred Max-Neef. His empirical research will focus on how the territorial transformation caused by the extractive forestry model has impacted on the peasant well-being and the local sustainability in rural Los Rios.

8th Right Livelihood College (RLC) campus in Cordoba, Argentina

The RLC network is happy to announce the opening of it’s 8th RLC campus in Cordoba, Argentina.

The new RLC campus was officially opened on April 19th 2016 at the National University of Cordoba and will serve as an exchange hub for academics and activists on questions such as human rights and social and environmental justice. The campus will be headed by Professor of Evolutionary Biology Raúl Montenegro, who is also environmental advocate and Laureate of the Right Livelihood Award in 2004.

More information on the new campus can be found here, in Spanish.

7th Right Livelihood College debuted in India


The Right Livelihood College campus was formally launched at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in Mumbai on August 18, 2014.

The collaboration with TISS deepens connections between the work of the 19 Right Livelihood Laureates based in South Asia in the fields of livelihoods, social innovation, social justice and empowerment and the university’s activities, such as research initiatives, public lectures and involvement of the Institute’s M.A. programme in Social Work in Livelihoods and Social Entrepreneurship.

Juliet Wanjiku - RLC Bonn student

Juliet Wanjiku Kamau from Kenya became RLC Bonn’s latest PhD researcher, writing on  “Productivity and Sustainability of Ecological Organic Agriculture Systems in Kenya” in cooperation with RLA Laureate Hans Herren’s Biovision Africa Trust.

International workshop on Mobilization for change: Participatory research and the empowerment of the marginalized

Photo:Grameen Shakti/RLAF

From May 24 – 29, 2014, scientists, policy makers and PhD students from all over the world participated together with the “Right Livelihood Award” laureates Dipal Barua (Bangladesh), Anwar Fazal (Malaysia), and Raul Montenegro (Argentine) in an international workshop at ZEF in Bonn. This event focused on local level participatory research in rural areas of developing and transition countries and its role in empowering disadvantaged and marginalised people and communities. The participants presented their research findings, discussing them in an engaged, cohesive and transdisciplinary way. Workshops on participatory research methods and a series of public lectures by the laureates and scholars invited by ZEF were held. The workshop could thus build on each participant’s individual expertise and experience and promote friendship and exchange among a very diverse group of participants.

From Ypres to Damascus: The Quest for Global Abolition of Chemical Weapons

Paul Walker, RLA Stockholm 2013

The Right Livelihood College Campus Bonn at the Center for Development Research (ZEF), jointly with the United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS), and the Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC), organized a lecture by Right Livelihood Award laureate Ph.D. Paul F. Walker, Director of Environmental Security and Sustainability Green Cross International. The presentation discussed the many challenges in safely eliminating chemical weapons stockpiles, as well as the progress to date in destroying over 58,000 metric tons of chemical agents in the US, Russia, and elsewhere.  Syria's ongoing removal of its declared chemical stockpile was also discussed, along with implications for global arms control regimes.

The lecture was held on April, 9, 2014 at ZEF as part of a seminar series on Risk and Uncertainty for Sustainable Development. You can watch the full lecture on ZEF's YouTube channel.

Please find the CV of Paul F. Walker at

RLC PhD Student admitted as a Fellow of AGGN

Our RLC PhD Student Willis Okumu was admitted as a Fellow of the Africa Good Governance Network (AGGN) of the DAAD in January 2014. AGGN is a network of African scholars linked with German Universities. It is aimed at promoting good governance in the economic and political transformation of sub-Saharan Africa.



Sixth Right Livelihood College debuts in Chile


On November 11, 2013, the Right Livelihood Award Foundation announced Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh) in Valdivia, Chile to be sixth Right Livelihood College campus and the first in Latin America. The opening of a campus at Universidad Austral was initiated by Right Livelihood Laureate Manfred Max-Neef during the first regional conference of Latin American Laureates in Colombia last July. (Source: RLA)
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Right Livelihood College debuts in Nigeria

On October 8, 2013, the Right Livelihood Award Foundation announced the University of Port Harcourt to be world's fifth campus of the Right Livelihood College. The new campus, co-hosted by the University of Port Harcourt and Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF), a think tank and advocacy organisation founded by Nnimmo Bassey, will be the second RLC campus in Africa. The campus will be based at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Port Harcourt, in a city popularly known as the 'oil capital' of Nigeria. The research focus at this campus will be environmental pollution and related socio-economic issues caused by the petroleum industry.

"The world needs young individuals who truly care about the future"

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) launched a short film about the most recent RLC workshop on “Environmental Change and the Next Sustainability Generation”. Hear what laureates of the Right Livelihood Award (RLA), workshop participants and organizers had to say about the Right Livelihood College in Bonn.
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Third RLC Bonn PhD Student started his research at Center for Development Research (ZEF)

Mr. Willis Okumu from Kenya has been awarded the third RLC Bonn PhD Scholarship funded by DAAD for 3 years. He started his research on the "Inter-community vs. Inter-clan Violence in Samburu North and Kuria East districts in Kenya; a Comparative Analysis of Development Challenges" in August, 2013. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Nairobi and his Master of Arts in Culture and Environment in Africa (CEA) from the University of Cologne, Germany.

RLC Workshop on “Environmental Change and the Next Sustainability Generation”

In August/ September, 2013, the Right Livelihood College (RLC) and the Youth Future Project (YFP) organized a joint workshop which took place at ZEF and other venues in Bonn. Several winners of the “Alternative Nobel Prize” and the “German Environmental Award” were participating together with scientists, policy makers and PhD students from all over the world. The conference thematically targeted local dimensions of environmental change in the context of socio-economic development with a focus on the Global South. Case studies of concepts and instruments that successfully combine environmental sustainability and socio-economic development were being presented, discussed and analyzed in a cohesive transdisciplinary way by building on each participants’ Expertise and experience.


Public events organized by RLC/YFP

In the framework of the joint international conference on “Environmental Change and the Next Sustainability Generation” from August 31 to September 7, 2013, the Right Livelihood College (RLC) and the Youth Future Project (YFP) organize a series of public events.» more

Women’s power: „Alternative Nobel Prize“-awardees Monika Hauser and Sima Samar meet in Bonn

The RLC, ZEF, BICC, and Crossroads Asia project organized a public panel discussion on: “Women’s rights in Afghanistan: status quo and post-2014” The event will took place on Monday, 27 May, at 2pm at the Center for Development Research (ZEF), Walter-Flex-Str. 3, 53113 Bonn (ground floor conference room). The discussion was followed by a coffee reception. The plight of women in Afghanistan has been a critical issue for years and one the two “Alternative Nobel Prize” laureates Sima Samar from Afghanistan and Monika Hauser from Germany reported on extensively. Sima Samar is an Afghan physician and human rights activist, who has been involved in improving the situation of Afghan women and girls for many years. Monika Hauser founded the organization “Medica Mondiale” in 1993, which seeks to support traumatized women and girls in areas of war and conflict. The organization started operating during the former Yugoslavian civil war and became active worldwide later. Both activists have been awarded the “Alternative Nobel Prize” (Right Livelihood Award).

RLC Public Panel Discussion with Laureates Sima Samar (Afghanistan) and Ruth Manorama (India)

Title: Mobilization for Change: The work of “Alternative Nobel Prize” winners in India and Afghanistan
Moderation: Dr. Till Stellmacher

Two of the “Alternative Nobel Prize” talked about their work at Rheinisches Landesmuseum in Bonn. For more information, please download this flyer.
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RLC Workshop on "Mobilization for Change", May 25-30, 2013 in Bonn

RLC Bonn organized an international workshop on "Mobilization for Change: Re-defining local decision-making and participation", May 25 – 30, 2013, at ZEF in Bonn, Germany. "Alternative Nobel Prize" winners Sima Samar (Afghanistan), Ruth Manorama (India) and Monika Hauser (Germany) had been participating together with junior and senior scientists and experts from all over the world. The workshop thematically focused on locally-adapted innovative solutions to mobilize disadvantaged and discriminated people in the Global South. Particular focus was given to gender and health issues. Case studies of successful local mobilisation and innovative decision-making and participation approaches were presented, discussed and analysed in a cohesive transdisciplinary way by building on each participants’ expertise and experience.
Please find the workshop programme » here.

RLC Bonn PhD Student held a presentation at Women's Development Research Centre (KANITA) in Malaysia

On November 8, 2012, Ms. Lai Wan Teng, the first Bonn PhD Student, held a presentation on "Kerja terus, Makan terus, Hidup terus!" (We keep on working, eating and surviving!): HER story of Indonesian women migrants in Penang.
Malaysia has the largest number of migrant employees in Asia. Penang as a major centre of production in the global electronics industry and tourism has recruited a substantial number of migrant workers, especially Indonesian workers. However, there is lack of ethnography research design in studying their everyday life, surviving strategies, interaction within and beyond their community. Ms Wan Teng discussed her research methodology and highlight some interesting findings regarding the lived reality of Indonesian female migrants, who sustain their livelihood in one of the migtrants’ hotspots in Penang.
For more information on the “Woman, Gender and Migration Forum”, view the
» programme.

Second RLC Bonn PhD Student started her research at Center for Development Research (ZEF)

Ms. Divya Rajeswari Swaminathan from India has been awarded the second RLC Bonn PhD Scholarship funded by DAAD for 3 years. She started her research on the "Role of Local Knowledge in Multi-Stakeholder Innovation Processes" in August, 2012. She received her B. Sc., in Geography and M. Sc., in Applied Geography from University of Madras. She also completed her second master´s in Geoinformatics from University of Muenster. Ms. Swaminathan was a lecturer at the Department of Geography (GIS), University of Mysore. She has also worked in developmental organisations both at the national and international level.

RLC Fall Academy on the Economies of the Commons

From September 19-23, 2012, RLC Bonn organized an International Fall Academy on “The Economies of the Commons: Reshaping Economic Education”. Eleven PhD students from Asia, Africa and Latinamerica were granted scholarships by DAAD to participate in the workshop and engage in dialogue with two laureates of the “Alternative Nobel Prize”, namely Sulak Sivaraksa (Thailand) and Helena Norberg-Hodge (Australia). The Fall Academy was co-organized with the Alanus University for Arts and Social Sciences in Alfter, near Bonn. Sixty-four Alanus students took also part in the workshop to share the laureates' experiences in the practical work of promoting more just and sustainable economies beyond the classical paradigm of market and state.

Workshop on "Mobilization for Change: Social Movements in a Developing World", June 2 - 9, 2012

From June 2-10, 2012, RLC Bonn conduced an international workshop on "Mobilization for Change: Social Movements in a Developing World". On this occasion, three winners of the "Alternative Nobel Prize" were invited to Bonn, namely: Nnimmo Bassey (Nigeria), Prof. Dr. Anwar Fazal (Malaysia), and Dr. Zafrullah Chowdhury (Bangladesh). 21 PhD students from Africa, Asia and Latin America also be participated. The workshop included various public events. The Workshop Programme is available » here

RLC Bonn PhD Student started field work in Malaysia

Ms. Lai Wan Teng, the first RLC Bonn PhD Student, started her field work in Malaysia End of May 2012. In the coming 10 monthes she will conduct empirical research on pattern of migrant integration in Penang State. She will work together with the two "Alternative Nobel Prize" winners Irene Fernandez and Prof. Anwar Fazal.


Delegation from Addis Ababa visited RLC Bonn, Nov. 18 - 23, 2011

From November 18 to 23, 2011, a delegation from Addis Ababa University and the Right Livelihood College in Addis Ababa visited RLC Bonn and the Center for Development Research (ZEF). The visit by Dr. Hirut Woldemariam, Vice-President for External Relations at Addis Ababa University, and Mr. Kibreab H/Michael, RLC Addis Ababa Coordinator, aimed to establish and strengthen long term partnerships and exchange between both RLC Campuses in Bonn and Addis Ababa in particular and ZEF and Addis Ababa University in general.
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First RLC Bonn PhD Student

Ms. Lai Wan Teng from Malaysia received the first RLC Bonn PhD Scholarship funded by DAAD for 3 years. Starting from October 1, 2011, she will conduct research on patterns of migrant integration in Penang, Malaysia in cooperation with the two "Alternative Nobel Prize" laureates Irene Fernandez and Prof. Anwar Fazal. Lai Wan Teng was a lecturer at the Women’s Development Research Centre (KANITA), Universiti Sains Malaysia. She has a B.A in Chinese Studies and Gender studies and she received her M.A. degree in Gender and Development Studies (GDS). She worked in a local women’s organization and was passionately involved in various gender-related training programmes, research and advocacy.

RLC Bonn participating in UN DPI/NGO Conference in Bonn, Sep. 3-5, 2011

Right Livelihood College Bonn and Center for Development Research (ZEF) are partners and co-organizers of the 64th Annual United Nations Department of Public Information / Non-Governmental Organizations Conference: “Sustainable Societies; Responsive Citizens” to be held in Bonn from September 3-5, 2011. "Connections between development-related NGO work and research: Ambitions and constraints" is the topic of a workshop organized by the RLC Bonn and ZEF at the conference.
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"Our daily rice. Possible for all! - but how?", September 2, 2011

The "Alternative Nobel Prize" winner Vandana Shiva spoke on a panel discussion on "Our daily rice. Possible for all! - but how?" on September 2, 2011, at Brückenforum in Bonn. Other speakers included Bonns Lord Mayor Jürgen Nimptsch, UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner and World Food Award Laureate Hans Herren. The event was co-organized by the RLC Campus Bonn.

First RLC Bonn Workshop in Bonn, May 30 - June 1, 2011

From May 30 - June 1, 2011, the first thematic workshop at RLC Campus Bonn will take place. Under the title "Reverse Degradation by Innovation: New Pathways of Sustainable Natural Resource Management" it will bring together the "Alternative Nobel Prize" winners Prof. Anwar Fazal (Malaysia), Dr. Hanumappa Sudarshan (India) and Wes & Joan Jackson (USA) with practitioners, researchers and PhD students from developing and transition countries.
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Opening of international Campus of „Alternative Nobel Prize“ in Bonn, May 30, 2011

The new international Campus of the Right Livelihood Award in Bonn has been inaugurated officially on May 30, 2011 in Bonn. It is based at the Center for Development Research (ZEF) and financed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Bonns Lord Mayor Jürgen Nimptsch and the Rector of the University of Bonn, Jürgen Fohrmann welcomed the audience, among them “Alternative Nobel Prize” laureates such as Raul Montenegro from Argentina, Hanumappa Sudarshan from India, Shrikrishna Upadhyay from Nepal und Wes Jackson from the U.S.A.
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Young Scientists Side Conference at ZEF, Sep. 14-19, 2010

On the occasion of the 30th Anniversary Conference of the Right Livelihood Award that took place on September 14-19, 2010, in Bonn/ Germany, the Right Livelihood College and the Center for Development Research (ZEF) co-organized a Young Scientists Side Conference located at ZEF. During this event the RLA "Alternative Nobel Prize" Winners worked together with students and young researchers on thematic topics such as social entrepreneurship, climate change and environmental protection, or the preservation of our cultural heritage.
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