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Dietz, T., Börner, J., Förster, J.J. and J. von Braun. Governance of the bioeconomy: A global comparative study of national bioeconomy strategies (ZEF Discussion Paper 264)
Download [PDF | 1.34MB]
Stark, 0. and W. Budzinski. On the taxing of migrants’ earnings while retaining a migrant workforce. ZEF Discussion Paper 263
Download [PDF | 812.19KB]
Daum, T. Of Bulls and Bulbs - Aspirations and perceptions of rural youth in Zambia. ZEF Working Paper 171
Download [PDF | 2.49MB]
Bekchanov M. and P. Evia. Resources Recovery and Reuse in Sanitation and Wastewater Systems: Options and Investment Climate in South and Southeast Asian Countries. ZEF Working Paper 168
Download [PDF | 2.74MB]
Adu-Baffour, F., Daum, T. and R. Birner. Can Big Companies’ Initiatives to Promote Mechanization Benefit Small Farms in Africa? A Case Study from Zambia. ZEF Discussion Paper 262
Download [PDF | 1.08MB]
Beuchelt, T. and S. Nischalke. Adding a gender lens in quantitative development research on food and non-food biomass production. ZEF Working Paper 170
Download [PDF | 869.36KB]