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Bekchanov, M. Enabling Environment for Waste and Wastewater Recycling and Reuse Options in South Asia: the case of Sri Lanka. ZEF Working Paper 163
Download [PDF | 4.16MB]
Jemal, O.M. and D. Callo-Concha. Potential of Agroforestry for Food and Nutrition Security of Small-scale Farming Households. ZEF Working Paper 161
Download [PDF | 1.66MB]
Berga, H., Ringler, C., Bryan, E., El Didi, H. & S. Elnasikh. Addressing Transboundary Cooperation in the Eastern Nile through the Water-Energy-Food Nexus. ZEF Working Paper 162
Download [PDF | 1.60MB]
Almanzar, M. and M. Torero. Media Coverage and Food Commodities: Agricultural Futures Prices and Volatility Effects. ZEF Discussion Paper 246
Download [PDF | 2.79MB]
Narayanan, S., Gerber, N. Rathore U. and K. Naraparaju. Can social safety nets protect public health? The effect of India’s workfare and foodgrain subsidy programmes on anaemia. ZEF Discussion Paper 245.
Download [PDF | 2.16MB]
Saini, Rajinder K. et al. Protecting cows in small holder farms in East Africa from tsetse flies by mimicking the odor profile of a non-host bovid
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