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Youkhana, Eva (ed.) Border Transgression. Mobility and Mobilization in Crisis. Bonn University Press, 197pp.
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Stark, O., Kosiorowski, G. and M. Jakubek. An adverse social welfare consequence of a rich-to-poor income transfer: A relative deprivation approach. ZEF DP 244
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Nischalke, S.M. et al. Forgotten Forests? Food Potential of Ancient Coffee Forests and Agroforestry Systems in the Southwestern Ethiopian Mountains, Seen Through a Gender Lens. Mountain Research and Development, 37(3): 254-262
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Stark, O., Bielawski, J. and F. Falniowski. A class of proximity-sensitive measures of relative deprivation. ZEF Discussion Paper 243
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"Perspectives on the European Border Regime: Mobilization, Contestation, and the Role of Civil Society"

Perspectives on the European Border Regime: Mobilization, Contestation and the Role of Civil Society

Eva Youkhana Center for Development Research, University of Bonn, Germany

Ove Sutter Department of Archeology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Bonn, Germany

Abstract:  This issue examines politics and practices that challenge the European border regime by contesting and negotiating asylum laws and regulations, practices of separation in refugee camps and accommodation centers, as much as political acts by undocumented migrants and activists seeking alternative ways of cohabitation. The different contributions all highlight the role of civil society initiatives during the migration movements in 2015 and 2016 in Europe by discussing critical perspectives on the European border regime and by looking at migration as a contesting political force. Topics related to mobilization and the appropriation of public spaces to actively declare one’s solidarity, political activism to contest borders and boundary-making approaches (no border movements) and the engagement into voluntary work are critically reflected.


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A.M. Shittu, D. Akerele and M. Haile. Food Price Spikes and Volatility in Local Food Markets in Nigeria, ZEF Discussion Paper 242
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