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Book chapters

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Bustillos Ardaya, A., M. Evers and L. Ribbe. 2019. Integrated Participatory Methodologies for Disaster Risk Reduction: Tools to Analyze Complex Systems Through Participatory Processes in Brazil. Strategies and Tools for a Sustainable Rural Rio de Janeiro. Further Information

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Kelboro, G. and Stellmacher, T. 2019. Global changes in local governance of the commons: the case of the African Parks Foundation engagement in Nech Sar National Park, Ethiopia. In: Haller, T., Breu, T., De Moor, T., Rohr, C. and Znoj, H (eds.): The commons in a glocal world: global connections and local responses. Routledge. 376-391. Further Information

Kisegu, Derick, David Kagaha, Cory Whitney, and John R. S. Tabuti. 2019. Contribution of Smallholder Tree Growers to Increasing Tree Cover in Kaliro District. In: Yazidhi Bamutaze, Samuel Kyamanywa, Bal Ram Singh, Gorettie Nabanoga, and Rattan Lal (eds.): Agriculture and Ecosystem Resilience in Sub Saharan Africa. Springer International Publishing. 417–33. (Open Acess)