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Policy Briefs

Bastos Lima, M.G. and K.M. Siegel.  2020.  Promoting inclusive bioeconomies? Lessons from agri-food governance and the politics of the sustainable development goals in South America.  (ZEF Policy Brief 37) Download (english) [PDF | 960.99KB]

ZEF.  2020.  EU Common Agricultural Policy impacts on trade with Africa and African agricultural development.  (ZEF Policy Brief 36) Download (english) [PDF | 368.55KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 381.13KB]

ZEF.  2020.  Strengthening women's decision power for gender Equality in children's education.  (ZEF Policy Brief 35) Download (english) [PDF | 318.50KB]

ZEF.  2020.  How Water, Sanitation and Agriculture can Improve Health and Nutrition.  (ZEF Policy Brief 34) Download (english) [PDF | 213.35KB]

Sakketa, T.G. and L. Kornher.  2020.  The COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis and Poor People's Struggle for Survival: How Should Governments in Low-Income Countries Respond and What Resources are Needed?.  (ZEF Policy Brief 33) Download (english) [PDF | 365.44KB]

Weber, R.  2020.  Towards Near Real-Time Food Security Monitoring Lessons from a Citizen-Science - Approach in Kenya.  (ZEF Policy Brief 32) Download (english) [PDF | 293.41KB]

Weber, R.  2020.  Harnessing Big Data for Early Warning and Food Security Monitoring - Lessons from Africa.  (ZEF Policy Brief 31) Download (english) [PDF | 276.09KB]

PARI.  2020.  Emerging impacts of COVID-19 on the Kenyan food and beverage manufacturing sector.  (PARI Policy Brief 26) Download (english) [PDF | 561.57KB]

PARI.  2020.  Emerging impact of COVID-19 on the Nigerian food and beverage manufacturing sector.  (PARI Policy Brief 25) Download (english) [PDF | 586.99KB]

PARI.  2020.  Emerging impact of COVID-19 on the South African food and beverage manufacturing sector.  (PARI Policy Brief 24) Download (english) [PDF | 582.19KB]

PARI.  2020.  Like Uber for tractors? How to strengthen the rural sharing economy in India and Africa.  (PARI Policy Brief 23) Download (english) [PDF | 509.32KB]

PARI.  2020.  Can mobile money facilitate cash transfers to farmers and the rural poor in the COVID-19 context?.  (PARI Policy Brief 22) Download (english) [PDF | 535.04KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 691.80KB]

PARI.  2020.  The Forgotten Agriculture-Nutrition Link. Estimating the energy requirements of different farming technologies in rural Zambia.  (PARI Policy Brief 21) Download (english) [PDF | 486.89KB]

PARI.  2020.  What are the Effects of Agricultural Mechanization? A case study from Zambia.  (PARI Policy Brief 20) Download (english) [PDF | 720.54KB]

PARI.  2020.  Leveling the playing field for women in African agriculture. Interventions to address gender-based inequalities.  (PARI Policy Brief 19) Download (english) [PDF | 415.31KB]

Joachim von Braun (ZEF), Bezawit Beyene Chichaibelu (ZEF), Maximo Torero Cullen (FAO), David Laborde (IFPRI), Carin Smaller (IISD).  2020.  Ending Hunger by 2030 – policy actions and costs.  Download (english) [PDF | 803.04KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 1.01MB]