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ZEF Discussion Papers

Almanzar, M. and M. Torero. 2017. Media Coverage and Food Commodities: Agricultural Futures Prices and Volatility Effects. (ZEF Discussion Paper 246) Download [PDF | 2.79MB]

Narayanan, S., Gerber, N. Rathore U. and K. Naraparaju. 2017. Can social safety nets protect public health? The effect of India’s workfare and foodgrain subsidy programmes on anaemia. (ZEF Discussion Paper 245) Download [PDF | 2.16MB]

Stark, O., Kosiorowski, G. and M. Jakubek. 2017. An adverse social welfare consequence of a rich-to-poor income transfer: A relative deprivation approach. (ZEF Discussion Paper 244) Download [PDF | 1.14MB]

Stark, O., Bielawski, J. and F. Falniowski. 2017. A class of proximity-sensitive measures of relative deprivation. (ZEF Discussion Paper 243) Download [PDF | 540.57KB]

Shittu, A.M., Akerele, D. and M. Haile. 2017. Food Price Spikes and Volatility in Local Food Markets in Nigeria. (ZEF Discussion Paper 242) Download [PDF | 1.38MB]

Saini, S., Sharma, S., Gulati, A., Hussain, S. and J. von Braun. 2017. Indian food and welfare schemes: Scope for digitization towards cash transfers. (ZEF Discussion Paper 241) Download [PDF | 1.36MB]

Kofol, C. and T. Ciarli. 2017. Child Labor and Conflict: Evidence from Afghanistan. (ZEF Discussion Paper 240) Download [PDF | 865.69KB]

Rezaei, E.E. and T. Gaiser. 2017. Change in crop management strategies could double the maize yield in Africa. (ZEF Discussion Paper 239) Download [PDF | 2.31MB]

Stark, O., Byra, L., Casarico, A. and S. Uebelmesser. 2017. A critical comparison of migration policies: Entry fee versus quota. (ZEF Discussion Paper 238) Download [PDF | 1.10MB]

Algieri, B. and A. Leccadito. 2017. Wave after Wave: Contagion Risk from Commodity Markets. (ZEF Discussion Paper 237) Download [PDF | 1.38MB]

Sakketa, T.G. and N. Gerber. 2017. Rural Shadow Wages and Youth Agricultural Labor Supply in Ethiopia: Evidence from Farm Panel Data. (ZEF Discussion Paper 236) Download [PDF | 1.47MB]

Bensch, G. and J. Peters. 2017. One-off subsidies and long-run adoption – Experimental evidence on improved cooking stoves in Senegal Bonn, April. (ZEF Discussion Paper 235) Download [PDF | 1.48MB]

Okyere, C.Y., Pangaribowo, E.H., Asante, F.A. and J. von Braun. 2017. The Impacts of Household Water Quality Testing and Information on Safe Water Behaviors: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Ghana. (ZEF Discussion Paper 234) Download [PDF | 1.34MB]

Stark, O. 2017. Global integration and world migration. (ZEF Discussion Paper 233) Download [PDF | 747.95KB]

Grimm, M., Lenz, L., Peters, J. and M. Sievert. 2017. Demand for off-grid solar electricity – Experimental evidence from Rwanda. (ZEF Discussion Paper 232) Download [PDF | 1.20MB]

Stark, O. 2017. Migration when social preferences are ordinal: Steady state population distribution, and social welfare. (ZEF Discussion Paper 231) Download [PDF | 635.15KB]

Zhang, Y. and J.A. Matz. 2017. On the train to brain gain in rural China. (ZEF Discussion Paper 230) Download [PDF | 798.08KB]