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ZEF Discussion Papers

Villamor, G.B., Guta, D., Djanibekov, U. and A. Mirzabaev. 2018. Gender specific perspectives among smallholder farm households on water-energy-food security nexus issues in Ethiopia. (ZEF Discussion Paper 258) Download [PDF | 1.31MB]

Rezaei, E.E. and T. Gaiser. 2018. Yield effects of selected agronomic innovation packages in maize cropping systems of six countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. (ZEF Discussion Paper 257) Download [PDF | 1.84MB]

Gaur, V. 2018. Determinants of household’s modern cooking and lighting energy transition in rural India – Exploring household’s activities and its interactions with other households. (ZEF Discussion Paper 256) Download [PDF | 1.31MB]

Mikémina, P., Gerber, N. and T. Wünscher. 2018. Impacts of Adaptation to Climate Change on farmers’ income in the Savana Region of Togo. (ZEF Discussion Paper 255) Download [PDF | 1.15MB]

Mbaye, A.A., Bèye, A., Guèye, A., Lokonon, B. and Y. Ndione. 2018. Generating employment and increasing income in agricultural value chains and thereby fostering food security: Case studies of rice and cotton in Benin and Senegal. (ZEF Discussion Paper 254) Download [PDF | 1.70MB]

Bruckner, M., Giljum, S., Fischer, G., Tramberend, S. and J. Börner. 2018. The global cropland footprint of the non-food bioeconomy. (ZEF Discussion Paper 253) Download [PDF | 1.18MB]

Getahun, T., Baumüller, H. and Y. Nigussie. 2018. From agricultural to economic growth: targeting investments across Africa. (ZEF Discussion Paper 252) Download [PDF | 1.28MB]

Maruyama, E., Torero, M., Scollard, P., Elías, M., Mulangu, F. and A. Seck. 2018. Frontier analysis and agricultural typologies. (ZEF Discussion Paper 251) Download [PDF | 4.17MB]

Chowdhury, S., Sutter, M. and K.F. Zimmermann. 2018. Evaluating intergenerational persistence of economic preferences: A large scale experiment with families in Bangladesh. (ZEF Discussion Paper 250) Download [PDF | 1.78MB]

Stark, O. and E. Cukrowska-Torzewska. 2018. Gender differentiation in intergenerational care-giving and migration choices. (ZEF Discussion Paper 249) Download [PDF | 1.13MB]

Shittu, A.M., Akerele, D. and M. Haile. 2018. Effects of Food Price Spikes on Household Welfare in Nigeria. (ZEF Discussion Paper 248) Download [PDF | 529.98KB]

Till Ludwig. 2018. An egg for an egg and a bean for a bean?. (ZEF Discussion Paper 247) Download [PDF | 848.75KB]