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ZEF Working Papers

Scheiterle, L. and R. Birner.  2020.  Considerations on the role of institutions and networks in the bioeconomy: three case studies from Ghana and Brazil.  (ZEF Working Paper 196) Download [PDF | 1.09MB]

Gulati, A. and S. Das.  2020.  India-Africa Partnership in Trade and Investment: With focus on the Agriculture and Food Sector.  (ZEF Working Paper 195) Download [PDF | 1.42MB]

Seré, C.  2020.  Investing Sustainably in African Livestock Development: Opportunities and Trade-Offs.  (ZEF Working Paper 194) Download [PDF | 1.70MB]

Purwaningrum, F., Tayeb, A., Rahmat, S.R. and A.-K. Hornidge.  2020.  Orientation shift? Understanding the 'Third Mission' of the University in Malaysia's Science System.  (ZEF Working Paper 193) Download [PDF | 1.23MB]

Tegegne, A. and G. Legese Feye.  2020.  Study of Selected Livestock Innovations in Ethiopia.  (ZEF Working Paper 192) Download [PDF | 1.48MB]

Youkhana, E.  2020.  Actors networks in critical urban studies - protest against the subprime crisis in Madrid.  (ZEF Working Paper 191) Download [PDF | 487.13KB]

Eguavoen, I., Attemene, P., Kouame, F., Konan, E.K., Madhy, C.A. and K. Gleisberg-Gerber.  2020.  Dernier refuge ou presqu’île d’opportunités? Démographie et conditions de vie à Adjahui-Coubé, un habitat spontané à Abidjan.  (ZEF Working Paper 187) Download [PDF | 2.48MB]