ZEF theme: Governance, conflicts and natural resources

Governance, conflicts and natural resources

Collective decision-making and governance as well as the absence of appropriate governance structures have a tremendous impact on development processes.

The assessment of centralized as well as decentralized, functional, organizational and segmentary forms of governance arrangements is pivotal in addressing the challenges of natural resources management, including the prevention and management of conflicts. Moreover, inequality is a major concern calling for inclusive development approaches.

The sustainable use and management of natural resources are the major linking elements between this and the other research areas.

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    New ZEF-led program trains experts in West Africa
    January 22, 2018.

     Germany's Federal Foreign Office and the DAAD promote sustainable rural transformation with 1.8 million euros: ZEF has initiated and will run the new "West African Center for Sustainable Rural Transformation" to strengthen research and education in development planning, agricultural economics and aspects of renewable energy and irrigated agriculture in Africa.

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    How Farmers' Organizations can Contribute to Empowering Farmers in Africa
    November 07, 2017.

     by Eli Wortmann-Kolundžija, ZEF News No. 36. Poverty can be understood as the "inability of people to meet economic, social and other standards of well-being" (OECD, 2001, p. 37) and comes along with limitations of personal freedom and opportunities to participate in society." Having abilities to cope with these limitations and to stop perpetuating patterns is one definition of being empowered (Spicker, 2007). Poverty itself needs to be addressed on several levels: the communal, governmental, societal, organizational and the individual level.

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