ZEF theme: Mobility, migration and urbanization

Mobility, migration and urbanization

Mobility has many different facets, ranging from geographic, social, and economic to cognitive forms of
mobility. Their complex determinants and consequences are studied as key elements for sustainable development. Mobile societies are quicker in adapting to changes but not necessarily in a beneficial and sustainable way.

Migration is becoming an ever more relevant challenge, and strongly affects rural as well as urban and peri-urban societies. The number of refugees is increasing due to political and global change, violent conflicts, unsuitable living conditions and rampant food insecurity.

Within-country migration is one of the key determinants of urbanization, and growing urban and peri-urban areas with steadily increasing numbers of inhabitants are facing tremendous challenges.


Heading for new shores: Research about Abidjan's waterfronts
December 01, 2017.

 A new anthropological research project at ZEF called "Waterfront Metropolis Abidjan" is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and deals with urbanization in Cote d'Ivoire's metropolis. Project leader is ZEF senior researcher Irit Eguavoen.

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