ZEF theme: Water Resources

Water Resources

Access to water which is sufficient in quantity and quality for domestic, agricultural, economic and cultural requirements is a sine qua non for development. Therefore, trans-disciplinary research on water in its physical, ecological, socio-economic, political, and legal contexts is integral to ZEF's research agenda. The broad objective of ZEF's water management research agenda is to arrive at integrated approaches - in partnership and close collaboration with local actors in the research areas.


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    Think Tanks appeal to G20 Ministers of Agriculture for new action toward ending hunger and sustainable agriculture
    January 17, 2017.

     Bonn/Berlin, January 16, 2017. Research leaders coming together under the T20, a network of Think Tanks from the G20 countries. In a policy brief prepared for the gathering of G20 Agriculture Ministers during the Green Week in Berlin, January 20-22, 2017, they stress that sustainable agriculture can only be achieved if land, water and energy are considered jointly in policies, not in isolation.

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    ZEF's Annual Report published!
    December 18, 2015.

     Read our just published Annual Report, which gives an overview of ZEF's research and outreach activities between mid 2014-mid 2015. The Lead Article deals with the root causes of migration.

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    Read ZEF's new strategy paper 2015-2020
    November 09, 2015.

     ZEF has developed, in consultation with its stakeholders, an updated research strategy. ZEF’s six core research areas take the emerging United Nations post-2015 agenda into account which is succeeding the 2000-2015 Millennium Development Goals.

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