ZEF - Center for Development Research, University of Bonn, E-NEWSLETTER 01/2022, March 8, 2022
This year's theme is: Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow
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Mobile phones, off-farm employment and household income in rural India
by Pallavi Rajkhowa, Matin Qaim
Research Article here.
Conservation opportunities and challenges in Brazil’s roadless and railroad-less areas by Trevor R. Tisler, Fernanda Z. Teixeira, Rodrigo A.A. Nóbrega
Read Article here.
Mechanization, digitalization, and rural youth - Stakeholder perceptions on three mega-topics for agricultural transformation in four African countries
co-author PARI Reearch Fellow Dr. Thomas Daum & more.
Read Article here.
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G7 Development Assistance for Food Systems to Lift 500 Million People out of Hunger by 2030

New ZEF policy brief points out that Russia and Ukraine together provide 20% of the world's maize exports, and 30% wheat exports. The war will therefore further drive up food prices, and countries in the Global South will be impacted most. 

The authors of the policy brief appeal to the UN, G20 and G7 to make peace and food security a high priority on their agendas.

Read the full policy brief here:  
Kornher, L. and J. von Braun.  2022.  Higher and more volatile food prices - Complex implications of the Ukraine war and the Covid-19-pandemic. (ZEF Policy Brief 38)

Download (english)
Download (german)

ZEF News No.44: Rural Transition: Opportunities and Trade-offs
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ZEF Annual Report 2021: A Synopsis
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African Climate and Environment Centre - Future African Savannas (AFAS) kicked off

The African Climate and Environment Centre - Future African Savannas (AFAS) is one out of eight Global Centers selected and launched by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in April 2021. See more information on our website here.

Capacities on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: new ZEF-project with 38 partner countries in Africa

Read the press release by the University of Bonn here:
EN: www.uni-bonn.de/en/news/035-2022

CSDAC students in Niger receive funding for training 17 Nigerien women in advocacy and digital campaigning for the 17 SDGs
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Closing the Climate Gap: How Gender Equality is Key to our Climate Future
The panelists:
  • Katja Dörner, Mayor of Bonn
  • Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
  • Dr. Ursula Sautter, Vice Chair UN Women Germany
  • Dr. Dennis Lucy Aviles Irahola, Chair ZEF Gender Group, University of  Bonn
  • Stephanie Eyram Akrumah Director of Project Development and Socioeconomic Impact at the Centre for Green Growth (CenGG), National Dialogue on Climate Change Adaptation, Ghana 
  • Fiona Marker, Board Member Germanwatch e.V. , Member of Students4Future
More info and registration here.
ZEF in the press
Der Krieg in der Ukraine hat auch Auswirkung auf die Nahrungsmittelpreise
Ein Kommentar dazu von Prof. Matin Qaim bei RTL Nachtjournal vom 08.03.2022
Beitrag hier
„Zum ersten Mal erleben wir, dass eine einzelne Art für das Aussterben extrem vieler anderer Arten verantwortlich ist“ sagt Jun-Prof. Dr. Lisa Biber-Freudenberger über das sechste Massensterben.
Mehr dazu im Artikel
„Wir stecken längst in einer globalen Ernährungskrise, und die wird sich noch verschärfen“ sagt ZEF Direktor Prof. Matin Qaim. Mehr zu den Auswirkungen im Artikel des Handelsblatt hier.
Prof. Matin Qaim erwartet, dass sich 33 Mio. Tonnen CO2-Äquivalente in der EU vermeiden lassen. Mehr zu gentechnisch veränderten Pflanzen gegen Treibhausgasemissionen im Bayrischen Landwirtschaftlichen Wochenblatt
Lesen Sie den Artikel hier.
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