ZEF News 46 -
About Food, Forests, and Footprints

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Biodiversity and Gender: how their bonds were strengthened in the UN
Convention on Biodiversity

Isimemen Osemwegie shares her insights and analyzes the role gender played in Montreal's historic meetings on biodiversity in December 2022.

INTERFACES – Supporting Pathways to Sustainable Land Management in Africa
Project coordinators Hannah Jaenicke and Tina Beuchelt introduce a new ZEF project which focuses on sustainable land management in sub-Saharan Africa from multi-disciplinary perspectives. 
Meat consumption and sustainability
Martin Parlasca explored the pros and cons of global meat consumption and published his findings recently in a scientific journal article in Annual Review of Resoucre Economics.

One Health Day 2022 at ZEF: Reflections on the present and future of the approach
Our experts organized a symposium and discussed neglected areas and potential future priorities for One Health research at ZEF.
By Ana Maria Perez and Max Voit.
The global food crisis: Causes and consequences.
Lukas Kornher and Muhammed A. Usman synthesize ZEF policy brief no. 42 and ZEF working paper no. 218 on the global food and health crisis.

Food policy engagement across Asian cities
Miriam E. Romero looks at how urbanization challenges food security and how cities in Asia are tackling the issue.

Academia's role in integrating scientific and local knowledge to address environmental conflicts
ZEF researchers drew their conclusions from an evaluation of interdisciplinary ZEF-projects. A synopsis by Alejandro Mora Motta and Dennis Lucy Avilés Irahola.
Improving irrigation efficiency and productivity in Pakistan
Imran Sajid explains how he worked out on-farm and hands-on locally applicable solutions during his doctoral research on the topic.
VIEWPOINT: "Organic agriculture can play a role in achieving food security in East Africa"
Interview with David Amudavi, Director of Biovision Africa Trust and a yearslong partner of ZEF and the Right Livelihood College Campus Bonn (RLC).

The Three Alazani Rivers Biosphere Reserve in Georgia
ZEF and RLC-doctoral researcher Ketevan Ugrekhelidze explores human-environmental interactions in the first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the South Caucasus.
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