INTERFACES – Supporting Pathways to Sustainable Land Management in Africa

Hannah Jaenicke, Tina Beuchelt

April 05, 2023.  

ZEF started a new four-year project in October 2022: “INTERFACES – Supporting Pathways to Sustainable Land Management in Africa”, which is both a research project in West Africa and a support project for four BMBF-funded regional projects on sustainable land management in sub-Saharan Africa. It is ZEF’s first project where gender is mainstreamed across all activities.

INTERFACES’ core assumption is that in order to achieve changes towards sustainable land management, a fundamental reorganization across technological, economic, political, institutional and social factors is needed. This also includes questioning existing paradigms, goals and values. If we want changes to be sustainable, they must be gender-responsive and socially inclusive. This implies that implementation pathways for sustainable land management must be based on thorough gender and power-analyses and lead to outcomes that benefit both women and men from different ethnicities, ages, classes, and income levels.

Therefore, INTERFACES’ support activities, including gender research, capacity building and the organization of policy-practice workshops, will be impact-driven and build on networking to strengthen the integration, coherence and reach of the four regional projects with regard to sustainable land management. The outputs from INTERFACES are expected to include scientific and non-scientific publications and the promotion of transdisciplinary research and social learning approaches. INTERFACES strives to produce research results that are practice-relevant and strengthen already existing networks on land management issues by linking them up with different African networks. Thus, the project will contribute to implementing research and development results in the area of land management. Finally, INTERFACES will anchor implementation-oriented research in education and training.

Funding: INTERFACES is funded by the German Ministry for Research and Education (BMBF).


Authors:Hannah Jaenicke and Tina Beuchelt are senior researchers at ZEF.
Contact:h.jaenicke(at), beuchelt(at)

This article was published in ZEF News No. 46.

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