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Linking the Right Livelihood Award ("Alternative Nobel Prize") Laureates with applied and interdisciplinary research and education

The Right Livelihood College (RLC) is a global education and research initiative of universities and the Right Livelihood Award Foundation, also known as the "Alternative Nobel Prize". The RLC promotes and implements transdisciplinary education and research on social justice, poverty and inequality reduction, and environmental sustainability together with laureates of the “Alternative Nobel Prize”.

Special annual partnership between City of Bonn and RLC Campus Bonn

The Board and the Mayor of the City of Bonn invited the RLC Campus Bonn for an annual partnership in 2020. The RLC Campus Bonn is the first university programme that was invited for such a significant partnership.

Since 2000, the City of Bonn annually invites an international organization based in Bonn to form a special one-year partnership. The organization has the opportunity to represent itself and its thematic foci in various public events.

This special partnership will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the RLC Campus in Bonn. Read more here in English or here in German.


Laureate Denis Mukwege at Bonn University

On November 26, 2019, Prof. Dr. Denis Mukwege, who received the Right Livelihood Award in 2013 and the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018, visited Bonn University. His speech at the main auditorium of Bonn University was titled “Rape as a weapon of war & the holistic model of care developed at the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu/ DR Congo” .

Prof. Mukwege said that “the identity of individuals as well as the social identity of communities is being destroyed by the use of rape as a weapon; e.g. children being born as a result of rape will be excluded from the community because they're not wanted.” Rape often occurs as especially violent group rape and female genital mutilation. With this unthinkable brutality perpetrators aim to destroy the social structure of families and whole communities. Women are stigmatized and physical damage such as infections and infertility is paired with psychological traumata: “When women become victims of rape, also their children, husbands and whole communities are affected, by shame and stigmatisation.”

Prof. Mukwege’s speech attracted wide interest with over 500 attending people.

Meet the new RLC Bonn PhD candidate Ahmed Abdalla from Egypt

How did you become aware of the RLC programme at ZEF and what was your motivation to apply for it?

One of my colleagues suggested to me the RLC and after browsing the website, I found that it fits extremely well with my research needs and interests, in addition to the reputation of ZEF and the professionality of the staff members.

The RLC scholarship aims at connecting young researchers with winners of the “Alternative Nobel Prize”. Which are the partners you will be working with?

My main partner will be the organization SEKEM in Egypt that received the “Alternative Nobel Prize” in 2003. I will also work together with Alexandria University and the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation.

You arrived at ZEF in Bonn only a couple of weeks ago. So how have you experienced your time here so far and what are you looking forward to experiencing?

My experience so far is that ZEF is such a professional institution supported by professional staff members, high quality research and education services. There is great collaboration and an open doors policy among the staff. I am looking forward to gaining more experiences and skills such as research methods, critical thinking, project planning and proposal writing.

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