Prof. Adamou Rabani

Prof. Adamou Rabani, born in 1972 in Niger, is a Professor for Physical Chemistry focusing on Applied Photochemistry at Abdou Moumouni University (UAM). He is currently the Director of the PhD-Program in Climate Change and Energy (DRP-CCE) of the West African Science Service Center in Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (WASCAL) and coordinates the WAC-SRT activities in Niger.

After a Bachelor in Chemistry at UAM, Mr. ADAMOU received a Master Degree in Physical Chemistry applied to Energy at Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar (UCAD) from Senegal. Following that, in December 2004, Adamou Rabani obtained, also at UCAD, a first doctorate in the field of Analytical Photochemistry applied to food analysis. His home university, UAM, recruited him as Assistant Professor in Chemistry in October 2006. Two years later, in July 2008, he became senior Assistant Professor. Dr. Adamou Rabani completed a second Doctorate on Materials Science and Applied Photochemistry in January 2012 at UAM, where he became Associate Professor in July of the same year.

Prof. Adamou Rabani initial research mainly concerned food and environmental quality control by using spectrophotometry and fluorescence spectroscopy. For the last five years he has concentrated his efforts on surface and groundwater pollution and remediation, water and energy research activities for sustainable rural transformation, the evaluation of the use of local materials in engineering and solar energy (hybrid-photovoltaic, DSSCs). He also works as visiting Associate Professor at the Center of Fluorescence Spectroscopy of the University of Maryland, in the laboratory of Pr. Lakowicz, Director of the Center of Fluorescence Spectroscopy (CFS) on nanostructure synthesis and Plasmon-controlled fluorescence (PCF) spectroscopy. Prof. Rabani has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals and serves as reviewer in outstanding journals, like the Journal of Fluorescence Spectroscopy (JoF).

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