Department: Political and Cultural Change

ZEF A: Department of Political and Cultural Change

ZEF's Department of Political and Cultural Change has 11 senior researchers, eight senior fellows supporting the seniors and around 40 junior researchers (doctoral students). Disciplinary research topics include knowledge, institutions and social and cultural change and adaptation. Current major research projects are in Pakistan, South East Asia, China, Ghana and Ethiopia. In addition, the Right Livelihood Campus is coordinated in the ZEF A Department.

Department Competencies:

Social and Cultural Change and Adaption

ZEF studies ‘social and cultural change’ as part of larger, socio-economic, and environmental change processes such as climate change and in close connection to ZEF's research


Institutions can be singled out as an important reason why certain societies follow particular trajectories or why so many development policies 


Many governments put the creation of ‘knowledge-based economies’ or ‘knowledge societies’ on the top of their political agenda.