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February 2023
March 8 is International Women’s Day (#EmbraceEquity)! Join two ZEF-related events on the topic (more info below). Also in this newsletter: Upcoming ZEF public lectures, latest publications, press coverage, our latest blog posts and videos. You can check our Website too.


ZEF Working Paper 220
Women negotiating peace: a step toward more durable peace?
(February 2023)
Read here.
ZEF Working Paper 219
Women’s Autonomy in Maternal Healthcare. Decision-making in Urban Ghana
(January 2023)
Read here.
ZEF Working Paper 218
The Effect of COVID-19 and Associated Lockdown Measures on Household Consumption, Income, and Employment: Evidence from sub-Saharan African Countries
(December 2022)
Read here.
ZEF-Discussion Papers on Development Policy No. 325
UN Food Systems Summit 2021 – What Role Science and Innovation in the Summit and in Countries’ Plans and Why?
(January 2023)
Read here
ZEF-Discussion Papers on Development Policy No. 324
A pure theory of population distribution when preferences are ordinal
(January 2023)
Read here
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Upcoming Events
Thursday, February 23 / 1:30 PM CET
“Thirst Wars”.
(Hybrid)public talk by Dr. Esra Aleisa (Associate Professor, Kuwait University) 
More information and registration here
Wednesday, March 8 / 11:00 AM CET
“Gender and intersections in Latin America: postcolonial and decolonial approaches”.
Online Public Lecture by Dr. Renata Guimarães Reynaldo (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) and Dr. Michelle Bonatti (Humboldt University of Berlin).
More information and registration here.
Thursday, March 9 / 1:30 PM CET
"International Trade and the Environment: Trade-Offs and Synergies".
Public Lecture (in-person only) by Prof. Clara Brandi, Professor in International Economics and Development Economics at the University of Bonn and Head of the Research programme Transformation of Economic and Social Systems at the German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS).

More information and registration here
Thursday, March 9 / 5 - 6:30 PM CET
Female Faces of Conflict: Women at the Foreground of War, Peace and Change
Join our joint event with the Network Gender@International Bonn of the City of Bonn.
More information and registration here
Thursday, March 16 / 1:30 PM CET
"Regional Redevelopment and Cooperation in the Time of Growing Uncertainties: Challenges for interdisciplinary science from a Central European perspective".
Joint special lecture with UNU-EHS by Professor Ferenc Miszlivetz (iASK).

More information and registration here
Save the date!
September 18-21 in Durban, South Africa
The ZEF-based Program of Accompanying Research on Agricultural Innovation (PARI) will fund the participation of 10 African students at the 7th African Conference of
AAAE & Agricultural Economics Association of SA in Durban, South Africa, in September 2023. Eligible students and early-career researchers are encouraged to apply for the grants
More information and Application here
"Meat import ban in Africa hurts local population"
News Press release by University of Bonn (January 24, 2023).
Research by
Isabel Knößlsdorfer & Matin Qaim
More information here
Climate and Sustainable Development Actions Club students in Niger obtain another grant
(January 2023).
Read full article here
More ZEF news here
Latest publications 

"Science and Innovations for Food Systems Transformation"
An open-access volume, “Science and Innovations for Food Systems Transformation” co-edited by Joachim von Braun, Louise O. Fresco, Koasar Afsana and Mohammad Hag Ali Hassan. The volume includes fifty, original, peer-reviewed chapters from the members of the Scientific Group of the UN Food Systems Summit 2021 and its global research partners.

(January 2023).
Read here

Global food crisis not over and internationally coordinated response needed, state ZEF-researchers in latest Policy Brief
‘The global food crisis will not be over when international prices are back to normal’, is the title and central message of ZEF policy brief no. 42 written by ZEF researchers Lukas Kornher and Joachim von Braun.
(January 2023)
Read more here

"Factors affecting consumption of edible insects as food: entomophagy in Myanmar" by M. Thu Thu Aung, J. Dürr, C. Borgemeister and J. Börner
(January 2023)
Read reseach article here
"Trends and Prospects of Change in Wheat Self-Sufficiency in Egypt" by Ahmed Abdalla, Till Stellmacher and Mathias Becker
(December 2022)
Read research article here.
All ZEF Puplications here
ZEF in the media

Weizen als Waffe | Die Story im Ersten mit ZEF Direktor Prof. Matin Qaim
(October 2022)
Link zum Video hier

Africa-Strategie. Brauchen Partner über den Westen hinaus. Interview mit ZEF Direktor Prof. Christian Borgemeister
(January 2023)
Link zum Video hier.

Hunger in Ostafrika. Was der Region helfen kann.
Artikel in Tagesspiegel
Mit ZEF Senior Researcher Lukas Kornher.
(Januar 2023)
Ganzer Artikel hier.


Lebensmitteltransporte nach Afrika: Was passiert, wenn sie ausfallen?
in Agrar heute mit ZEF Direktor Prof. Matin Qaim
(Januar 2023)
Ganzer Artikel hier.

Mobilität und Umweltbiosprit: fragwürdige Klimabilanz und Ineffizient
in Deutschlandfunk Nova mit ZEF Direktor Prof. Matin Qaim
(Januar 2023)
Ganzer Artikel hier.

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ZEF Blog
"Biodiversity and Gender: how their bonds were strengthened in the UN Convention on Biodiversity"
by Isimemen Osemwegie
(January 2023)

Read here
"A One Health momentum in the midst of Accra’s rapid urbanization"
by Abraham Kidane and Jaqueline Hildebrandt
(October 2022)
Read here
ZEF Videos
Irrigation efficiency and productivity in Punjab, Pakistan by Imrad Sajid (January 2023)
Interview with Dr. David Amudavi, Director of Biovision Africa Trust (November 2022)
SABio Webinar: Innovation networks and local value addition in South American bioeconomics (November 2022)
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