The Forschungskolleg has partnered with the University of São Paulo (USP) to conduct One Health research in the context of São Paulo city. Three doctoral students, Jessica Felappi,Berenice Fischer, and William Isidorio, are conducting research in Brazil. The research topics of the three projects are: urban agriculture, antimicriobial resistance, and urban green infrastructure


In the context of Germany, the Forschungskolleg is conducting research in the Ruhr Metropolis, which is a conglomerate of 53 cities situated in the Ruhr Valley. The largest cities of the Ruhr Metropolis are Dortmund, Essen and Duisburg. Four doctoral students, Anna Brückner, Juliana Paris, Dennis Schmiege, and Philipp Swoboda are researching in Germany. The research topics of the four projects are: urban blue infrastructure, sustainable diets, antimicrobial resistance, and soil health.


The Forschungskolleg is conducting research in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, in partnership with the University of Ghana and its Insitute of Social, Statistical and Economic Research (ISSER). Three doctoral students, Anna Maria Perez Arredondo, Joshua Ntajal, and Koissi Savi are conducting projects on: multi-sectoral collaboration for One Health, water-borne diseases, and malaria prevention and control.


The research projects are undertaken in the largest city of the western State of Gujarat, Ahmedabad, in partnership with the Indian Insitute of Public Health - Gandhinagar (IIPHG). Three doctoral students, Anna Brückner, Krupali Patel, and Yasobant Sandul, are researching on: urban blue infrastructure, antimicriobial resistance, and operationalization of One Health.


Additional to the core team of doctoral researchers, two externally funded doctoral students, Vivek Kumar and Stephanie Nana, are conducting One Health research in Patna (India) and Yáounde (Cameroon), respectively. Their research topics are vector-borne diseases and urban agriculture, respectively.

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