Symposium on One Health and Urban Transformation 2021

on November 3, 2021 | 9:30 h - 15:30 h

Launched in 2016, the “One Health and Urban Transformation – identifying risks, developing sustainable solutions” Graduate School has studied the various dimensions and transformations of the urban systems and their impacts on human, animal and environmental health, in metropolitan areas in Germany, Ghana, India and Brazil.

In April 2021, the Graduate School welcomed 13 new doctoral students that are currently developing new research lines. The new research topics have been presented in an online research symposium to celebrate the 2021 World One Health Day.

The symposium facilitated exchange on research collaborations in Brazil, Germany, Ghana and India in the spheres of food systems, zoonotic diseases, anti-microbial resistance, and One Health implementation. The event took take place in different sessions between 9:30 - 15:30 hrs (CET) and was held in English.


9:30-9:50       Welcome address and introduction to the project
                        Prof. Christian Borgemeister
                        Timo Falkenberg
                        Ana Maria Perez Arredondo

9:50-10:25     Results and lessons learned from Germany and India
                        Dennis Schmiege
                        Yasobant Sandul

10:25-10:40   Upcoming research: overarching topics
                        Niklas Wagner

10:40-10:50   Break

10:50-11:40   Upcoming research: India
                        Abraham Kidane
                        Kalpana Pachillu
                        Sanjana Rajasekar

11:40-12:30   Upcoming research: Ghana
                        Joannishka Dsani
                        Akwasi Owusu Sarpong
                        Janosch Klemm

12:30-13:00   Break

13:00-13:50   Upcoming research: Germany
                        Maria Luisa Espinel Ramos
                        Atefeh Movassagh
                        Jaqueline Hildebrand

13:50-14:00   Break

14:00-14:50   Upcoming research: Brazil
                        Eliana Morandi
                        Manuel Glass
                        Pascal Segura Kliesow

14:50-15:25   Results and lessons learned from Ghana and Brazil
                        Joshua Ntajal
                        Juliana Mineto

15:25-15:30   Closing remarks
                        Timo Falkenberg
                        Ana Maria Perez Arredondo


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Email: health(at)

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