Joshua Ntajal

Working Title: "Linking land use dynamics and surface water systems in Accra, Ghana: a human health risk perspective"

Research Countries: Ghana

Research Themes: Land use dynamics, flooding, water quality, water-borne diseases, vector-borne diseases, human health


Over the past decades, land use dynamics through rapid urbanization in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area have led to tremendous transformations. Changes in land use/land cover likely have an influence on urban stormwater runoff, flood dynamics, sanitation, and the spread of water and vector-borne diseases. Changes in stormwater runoff as a result of land use change have an influence on the transportation of pollutants into surface water systems. Therefore, understanding the interactions between land use dynamics and surface water systems in the context of rapid and unplanned urban transformation is necessary to improve urban water quality and to reduce human health risk.  As a result, the main objective of the study is to explore the influence of the interactions between urban land use dynamics (1997-2017) and surface water systems on human health risk in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area. The Soil and Water Analysis Tool will be used to create a model for the influence of land use on surface water quality. Hydrologic Engineering Centre-River Analysis System, and Geographic Information System and Remote sensing techniques will be used to model flood dynamics and map potential malaria risk zones. The study is expected to identify the influence of land use changes on water quality and the consequent water and vector-borne diseases, examine flood dynamics in terms of frequency and intensity, create flood risk maps and maps of potential breeding zones of mosquitoes, and malaria risk areas. Assessing the perception of people towards surface water quality and water-borne diseases will also contribute to water quality monitoring and disease control in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area.


Prof. Dr. Mariele Evers (GIUB)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kistemann (IHPH)


Phone: +49 228 / 73 - 6719

Email: joshuantajal(at)

Poster and photo presentations

Poster: Urban land use, spatial transformation and the complexity of surface water pollution: identifying risks of water-borne disease in Accra, Ghana.

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Photos: Urban Land Use, Water Pollution and Health

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