Janosch Klemm

Working title: The role of the food environment for dietary choice and health outcomes among school-aged children in urban areas.
Research countries: Ghana, Germany
Research themes: Food system, food environment, food security, affordability, nutrient adequacy, dietary choice, health inequality


Poor dietary intake is impacting the health of school children, particularly with lower socio-economic backgrounds, at the same time as depleting the planet’s resources through unsustainable food production methods. A key area to positively influence dietary intake, human and environmental health are schools and the food environment that students navigate when they are in school. This is especially pertinent in the context of urban transformation, which has been characterized by increased availability of cheap, convenient and ultra-processed foods, which are typically of nutritionally poor quality and exert high stress on environmental and health systems.

The benefits of healthy food choices at school are well demonstrated, ranging from improved educational outcomes, lowered risk of overweight/obesity and micronutrient deficiencies, to positively impacting lifelong eating habits. However, the socio-economic, environmental and psychological determinants of dietary habits, which sit at the intersection between nutrition, health and sustainability, are underexplored, particularly for vulnerable individuals such as school children. Despite much focus on the quality of diets in schools, the urban food environment around schools, which uniquely shape dietary choices for school children is not well understood.

This research therefore aims to characterize the food environment around schools and identify the specific factors that influence food choices, particularly for the most vulnerable, low-income children. An improved understanding of the causes of disparities in dietary intake will provide a more nuanced perspective of impact pathways from dietary choices to improved health and sustainability.


Prof. Ute Nöthlings (Uni Bonn)

Prof. Christian Borgemeister (ZEF)


Phone: +49 228 / 73 - 6726

Email: jklemm(at)uni-bonn.de

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