Abraham Kidane

Working Title: "Assessing the utility of ‘One Health’ approach in promoting surveillance and health service delivery"

Research Countries: Ghana

Research Themes: Infectious diseases, public health, health systems, society


Abraham is a public health veterinarian with experience in zoonotic diseases case management and research. His research interest extend to investigating zoonotic diseases and the underlying societal and system level factors at the human-animal-environment interface with the aim to design ‘One Health’ solutions that can potentially bridge systems and ensure effective and efficient prevention and mitigation of zoonotic threats across sectors, benefiting people at grass roots level.


Zoonotic diseases, amplified by factors such as population growth and urbanization, continue to pose an additional stress to health systems. ‘One Health’ approach has been advocated as a tool to understand and address these shared health threats at Human, Animal, and Environment interface. Nevertheless, progress in integrating OH approach with the existing systems and programs remains very limited. Consequently, zoonotic disease control and elimination efforts fall short of their target. Further, the potential benefit of human health, animal health and environmental health linkages and associated effect on healthcare service and disease mitigation system at grass roots level is not well characterized. This proposed study therefore envisages to understand the utility of One Health approach in promoting disease prevention and mitigation by utilizing Human, Animal, and Environmental health information. The study will investigate how and to what extent integration of One Health components can improve prevention and mitigation of zoonotic diseases. Mixed methods including surveys, focus group discussion, mHealth and geospatial mapping tools will be considered. It’s hoped that outcomes of the study will provide a new perspective on the usefulness of One Health approach in promoting surveillance and health service delivery and make a case for One Health investment across sectors.


Prof. Dr. Walter Bruchhausen (UKB - IHPH)


Phone: +49 228 /73 - 6759

Email: abrahamhaile21(at)gmail.com

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