"Landslide and Lake Formation in Attabad Hunza: Role of FOCUS Pakistan in Disaster Risk Management"

Crossroads-Asia Lecture by Nusrat Nasab

Abstract of the announced lecture:

Categorised as one in 200 year event, Attabad Landslide is one of the biggest disasters which has changed the geography of upper Hunza, in Pakistan. On 4 January 2010, a landslide buried portions of two villages Attabad and Sarat as well as the Karakoram Highway, and blocked the Hunza River. The resulting dam formed what is now known as Attabad/Hunza Lake (21 km long), which grew to eventually submerge the upstream villages. Approximately 450 households were displaced by the event. A total of 20 people lost their lives and 5 others were injured in the disaster. Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) Pakistan an affiliated agency of the Aga Khan Development Networks (AKDN)’s role in monitoring of the unstable slope, immediate response to disaster and continued post disaster involvement along with other stakeholders including the government has been appreciated across the globe.

Time and place: 12.00 c.t. at

Geo-Campus Lankwitz
Malteserstr. 74-100, 12249 Berlin
Haus G, Raum 202

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