Interviews 2016

Joniak-Lüthi, A.: interview about her book The Han: China’s Diverse Majority, for New Books Network, 16.02.2016.

Mielke, K.: “Neue Milliarden für ein Land in der Krise“, Interview with, 4.10.2016.

Reetz, D.: The Economist: background talk with Bruce Clark, Online Editor for Public Policy, Religion & Ethics, on Islamic Education in Western Europe (Germany, Great Britain, France) for an article on Islam and Europe, 02.08.2016 at ZMO, published in “The Faith of our Fathers”, 20.08.2016.

Reetz, D.: Interview with Florian Beißwanger for “Cicero” on Islam in South Asia, 28. August 2016, Berlin.

Schetter, C.: „Weltflüchtlingstag", WDR3, 20.06.2016.

Schetter, C. : „‘Sichere Gebiete’ im unsicheren Land?”, interview for, 18.02.2016.