Crossroads Asia Working Paper Series

Issue No.

37 Wali Mohammad Kandiwal (December 2016): Beyond kinship and tribe: New forms of solidarity and interest representation in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan

36 Judd Kinzley and Agnieszka Joniak-Lüthi (December 2016): Territory, border, infrastructure – Imagining and crafting national borderlands in twentieth century China

35 Martin Sökefeld (December 2016): Crossroads Studies and the State: Anthropological Perspectives

34 Aziz Ali Dad (June 2016): Boundaries and Identities: The Case of Gilgit-Baltistan

33 Mayinu Shanatibieke (April 2016): China Kazakhs’ Emigration to Kazakhstan from a Modernity Perspective

32 Stephen Adaawen (February 2016): Reflections on Migration Dynamics in Northern Ghana from the ‘Crossroads Perspective’

31 Mareike Bier and Epifania Amoo-Adare (February 2016): Not Quite Home or Alone: A Conversation on Belonging in a Digital Age

30 Florian Schmitt (August 2015): ‘Functional’ governance as an alternative to ‘territorial’ governance? The case of the Kyrgyz irrigation sector and the implementation of Water User Associations (WUAs)

29 Aftab Nasir and Katja Mielke (July 2015): Vartan bhanji-exchange practices and social (im-)mobility: Exploring the coping strategies of low-income households of different biraderis in rural Punjab

28 Nida Kirmani (July 2015): Mobility and Urban Conflict: A Study of Lyari, Karachi

27 Arne Harms (May 2015): Off the Grid: Environmental Degradation and Citizenship at the Margins

26 Anna-Katharina Hornidge, Kristof van Assche & Anastasiya Shtaltovna (April 2015): Uzbekistan – A Region of World Society (?) Variants of Differentiation in Agricultural Resources Governance

25 Peter Jackson (April 2015): Spatialities of Knowledge in the Neoliberal World Academy. Theory, Practice and 21st Century Legacies of Area Studies

24 Andreas Benz (November 2014): Strategic Positioning and the Reproduction of Inequality. The case of the Johari Shauka of the Kumaon Himalaya, India

23 Alessandro Rippa (October 2014): From Uyghurs to Kashgari (and back?): Migrationand Cross-Border Interactions Between Xinjiang and Pakistan

22 Yasir Hussain (October 2014): Social Media as a Tool for Transparency and Good Governance in the Government of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan.

21 Henryk Alff (July 2014): Embracing Chinese modernity? Articulation and positioning in China-Kazakhstan trade and exchange processes.

20 Kristof Van Assche & Anna-Katharina Hornidge (June 2014) - Hidden mobilities in post-Soviet Spaces. Boundaries, scales, identities and informal routes to livelihood.

19 Ayfer Durdu (May 2014) - Gendered realms. Species of spaces in the city of Mazār-i Šarīf, Northern Afghanistan.

18 Rune Steenberg (March 2014) -  Network or Community? Two tropes for analysing social relations among Uyghur traders in Kyrgyzstan.

17 Mukaram Toktogulova (March 2014) - The localisation of the transnational Tablighi Jama'at in Kyrgyztan: structures, concepts, practices and metaphors.

16 Joe Hill (March 2014) - Irrigation practices, irrigation development interventions, and local politics: Re-thinking the role of place over time in a village in Baltistan, in the central Karakorum.

15 Katja Mielke & Anna-Katharina Hornidge (January 2014) - Crossroads Studies: From Spatial Containers to Interactions in Differentiated Spatialities. ‘Area Studies’-Discussion paper of the Research Network Crossroads Asia [edited May 2014].

14 Brian Spooner (December 2013) - Investment and Translocality. Recontextualizing the Baloch in Islamic and Global History.

13 Hafiz Boboyorov (September 2013) - The Ontological Sources of Political Stability and Economy: Mahalla Mediation in the Rural Communities of Southern Tajikistan.

12 Aksana Ismailbekova (August 2013) - Migration and patrilineal descent: the effects of spatial male mobility on social female mobility in rural Kyrgyzstan.

11 Andreas Benz (July 2013) - How migrants made their way: The role of pioneering migrants and solidarity networks of the Wakhi of Gojal (Northern Pakistan) in shaping the dynamics of rural-urban migration.

10 Christoph Wenzel(July 2013) - Being a muhajir in present-day Afghanistan – Views on flight and migration from inside.

9 Rana Behal (July 2013) - Coolies, Recruiters and Planters: Migration of Indian Labour to the Southeast Asian and Assam Plantations during Colonial Rule.

8 Petra Tiller & Hiltrud Herbers (July 2013) - „Der Entwicklungsprozess des Islams in Tadschikistan nach dem Zerfall der Sowjetunion“ als Figuration nach Norbert Elias? Eine erste Annäherung

7 Hermann Kreutzmann (January 2013) - The Significance of Geopolitical Issues for Internal Development and Intervention in Mountainous Areas of Crossroads Asia

6 Hafeez Jamali (January 2013) - The Anxiety of Development: Megaprojects and the Politics of Place in Gwadar, Pakistan

5 Niamatullah Ibrahimi (September 2012) - The Shift and Drift in Hazara Ethnic Consciousness - The Impact of Conflict and Migration

4 Aksana Ismailbekova (July 2012) - Coping Strategies: Public Avoidance, Migration and Marriage in the Aftermath of the Osh Conflict, Fergana Valley

3 Joe Hill (June 2012) - A Post-Area Studies Approach to the Study of Hill Irrigation across the Alai - Pamir - Karakoram - Himalaya

2 Conrad Schetter (January 2012) - Translocal Lives. Patterns of Migration in Afghanistan

1 Magnus Marsden (April 2011) - Mobile Life on the Frontiers of Crossroads Asia

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