The crossroads Asia project (2011-2016) has ended.

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Crossroads Asia is ending

Six years after its creation, the Crossroads Asia competence network is coming to an end in December 2016. During the project, Crossroads Asia members have engaged in local and global conversations on the future of Area Studies in an increasingly interdependent world. The network has produced a wealth of studies that have challenged ‘fixed’ ways of conceiving of space, areas, and regions, questioned hegemonies and used novel methods to interpret the social world. The final conference, “Area Studies’ Futures“ in September 2016, provided an excellent venue for an international group of scholars to present project results, exchange ideas and discuss how to conduct Area Studies in the 21st century.

The Crossroads Asia members would like to thank ist donor, the BMBF, for its continuous support and in particular the highly professional DLR team. We also wish to thank the extended network for their interest and collaboration, the Center for Development Research (ZEF) in Bonn for hosting the Coordination Office, as well as current and former staff members for their dedication. We wish everyone all the best for the future!

If you are interested in receiving information on Area Studies scholarship, we have compiled a list of recommended newsletters and blogs that you can subscribe to by following the links below:

Recommended Blogs

Recommended Newsletters

Crossroads Asia will continue to exist online by means of Facebook,, and the following email address: crossroads.coordination(at)

Area Studies' Futures: The 5th International Crossroads Asia Conference

The 5th International Crossroads Asia conference has provided a platform for sharing and discussing conceptual and methodological innovations in Area Studies research that transcend traditional disciplinary approaches. Among the questions that were addressed are:

  • How do globalisation, digitalisation, urbanisation and migration challenge concepts of ‘areas’?
  • How does space intersect with a sense of belonging, and how do spatial constellations shift through time?
  • How can Area Studies account for the Anthropocene?
  • What can contribute to overcoming epistemic hegemonies, ethnocentrism and "othering"?

Find the full program in our conference flyer or on our conference page.

There is also a conference report with summaries of the individual panels.

Launch of New Area Studies Blog:

Themes such as the ‘quiet’ production of spaces, points of divergence and confluence, in-betweenness and blind spots have all underpinned efforts within the Crossroads Asia network to reposition Area Studies for the 21st century. All of these topics have one element in common: as subjects they are elusive, intangible and/or uncategorizable. Building on this thread, the Crossroads Asia network is happy to announce the launch of its new blog, entitled



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Current Xroads Newsletter

Newsletter No. 22 November 2016

New at - the Crossroads Asia blog

"Forgotten after Idomeni? A report from Northern Greece" by Niclas Hallman and

"The Power of Areas" by Catherine Reynolds (article review).

Crossroads Asia Working Papers

No. 37 Beyond kinship and tribe: New forms of solidarity and interest representation in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan by Wali Mohammad Kandiwal

No. 36 Territory, border, infrastructure – Imagining and crafting national borderlands in twentieth century China by Judd Kinzley & Agnieszka Joniak-Lüthi

No. 35 Crossroads Studies and the State: Anthropological Perspectives by Martin Sökefeld


no news in this list.

Current Events

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