Conference "Spaces of Conflict in Everyday Life: Figurations and Methodology"

Crossroads Asia Conference to be held October 11, 2014 in Munich

The 3rd Crossroads Asia Conference on

"Spaces of Conflict in Everyday Life:
Figurations and Methodology"

will take place on October 11, 2014 at LMU Munich.

A great deal of conflict research is limited to contents of conflicts – what they are about. This conference will investigate the 'how' of conflicts: modes of action and mobilization, imaginaries and narratives, and structures and linkages created through conflicts.

Contributions will focus in particular on actors’ perspectives on their everyday contexts. As research itself often becomes part of conflicts, conflicts may have a direct impact on research. We will thus also explore methodological issues and the politics of research on conflicts, and in conflict situations.

Within the theoretical framework of Crossroads Asia (see <media 908 _blank - "Concept Paper Conflict">Concept Paper Conflict Research</media>) we regard conflicts as a normal and universal aspect of society. Nevertheless, the areas, which the Crossroads-Project focuses on, are characterized by a particularly high incidence of often violent conflicts. Bearing in mind questions of scale, conflicts also combine global, national, regional and local levels. Thus, an international cross-border conflict may have significant impact on the daily life in villages or urban neighborhoods. Even though our focus is not on “the state”, state actors have to be taken into consideration as they are frequently involved in the everyday of conflicts, and “the state” may be an important aspect of the environment in which conflicts take place.

In this sense, we understand conflicts as ‘figurations’ that branch out from particular issues and, via networks, coalitions and oppositions, meander through different levels, sites and affairs. A conflict may start over a religious issue, yet most probably will not remain purely religious but shift towards political and economic spheres. And conversely, different conflicts may intersect at particular sites. Conflicts are not only divisive but also conjoin people in coalitions and forge crosscutting ties.

The conference takes place on October 11, 2014. Participation is free of charge but advance registration is required as space is limited. In order to register please contact crossroads(at)

Programme and abstracts


For more information please see the conference website


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