Early warning

In our research, we explore several innovative approaches to monitor food and nutrition security at the local level. Remote food security monitoring through crowed-sourced is timely and more accurate than remote sensing and price data. SMS surveys also have the advantage to work in crises situtations when areas are not accessible.

  • Near real-time food security monitoring through SMS: Lessons from a pilot study with representatives of the local at-risk populations in Kenya

ZEF Policy Brief Nr.32

  • Can Google Search Query data be used to improve now-casts of maize prices in Africa?

Weber R. and L. Kornher.  2019.  Can one improve now-casts of crop prices in Africa? Google can.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 271) Download [PDF | 2.41MB]

  • Exploring the potential of large scale and nationally representative SMS survey for food security monitoring in Uganda and Sierra Leone (ongoing)