Policy and Risk Management

Policies regarding food price volatility can be categorized into two approaches: (i) policies targeted at prices and (ii) policies to increase resilience to cope with price spikes and volatility. The former encompasses storage and trade measures, food (import) subsidies, export bans or taxes as well as price controls or commodity market regulation (including speculation). The latter covers social safety nets, international food aid, or increasing access to savings, credit and insurances. Each option has its specific short-term and long-term costs, benefits and possible side effects and risks. Within our research, we aim for a better understanding of the effectiveness and the costs of these options.

Publications and Presentations

  • Kornher, L. and M. Kalkuhl (2013) "Food price volatility in developing countries and its determinants" GEWISOLA Conference Paper [PDF]

  • Leaging Group, Food Security Task Force (2013) "Expert report on Innovative financing for agriculture, food security and nutrition" [website] [PDF]

  • Ulrich Hiemenz (2012) "The Politics of the Fight Against Food Price Volatility - Where do we stand and where are we heading?" ZEF Working Paper No. 92 [PDF]

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