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"Die Ampel schaltet in Echtzeit um" by R. Weber in Welternährung, 2. Quartal 2017

Food Monitor
The early warning system Food Monitor provides near to real-time information about global market developments, food price volatility and global food supplies [link]

"Food Price Volatility and Its Implications for Food Security and Policy" is now available online. The book is open access so you are welcome to download it. Hard covers can be ordered via Springer.

Welcome to ZEF's Research on Markets, Trade and Policy

This research theme focuses in an inclusive way on the developmental roles of markets and the political, infrastructure, and institutional constraints on access to public services by the rural and urban poor.

Access to markets is a major precondition for farmers and rural landless people to overcome subsistence and to enhance their individual economic situation, making them more resilient to fluctuating boundary conditions as induced by global and national changes, for instance under international trade and investment arrangements and related regulatory regimes.

The development of markets is partly related to the expansion of public services, as the latter often serve as a precondition for people to participate in markets. Among public services, particular attention is given to information, education, social transfers, insurance, and health systems.

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Latest Publications

Bhopal, A., K. Blanchard, R. Weber, V. Murray (2019). Disasters and Food Security: The Impact on Health. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 33, 1-4.   

Haile, M. G., T. Wossen, K. Tesfaye & J. von Braun (2017). Impact of Climate Change, Weather Extremes, and Price Risk on Global Food Supply. Economics of Disasters and Climate Change, 1(1), 55–75. [PDF]

Islam, A.H.M.S, J. von Braun, A.L. Thorne-Lyman and A.U. Ahmed (2018). Farm diversification and food and nutrition security in Bangladesh: empirical evidence from nationally representative household panel data, Food Security, 10(3), pp. 701–710. [PDF]

Wossen, T., T. Berger, M. G. Haile & C. Troost (2018). Impacts of climate variability and food price volatility on household income and food security of farm households in East and West Africa. Agricultural Systems, 163, pp. 7-15. [PDF]