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  • Bonuedi, I., L. Kornher, N. Gerber.  2022.  Agricultural seasonality, market access, and food security in Sierra Leone.  Food Security, 14(2)   : 471-494   . (Open Access)   Further Information
  • Bonuedi, I., N. Gerber, L. Kornher.  2022.  Intervening in Cash Crop Value Chains for Improved Nutrition: Evidence from Rural Sierra Leone.  The Journal of Development Studies, 58   : 38-54   . Further Information
  • Hassan, F. and L. Kornher.  2022.  Farm wage and rice price dynamics in Bangladesh.  Food Security, 14(1)   . (Open Access)   Further Information
  • Rajkhowa, P. and L. Kornher.  2022.  COVID-19 and distortions in urban food market in India.  Indian Economic Review, 57   : 133-164   . (Open Access)   Further Information
  • Mellon Bedi, S., C. Azzarri, B. H. Kotu, L. Kornher and J.v. Braun.  2021.  Scaling-up agricultural technologies: who should be targeted?.  European Review of Agricultural Economics, : 1-19   .
  • Mellon Bedi, S., L Kornher, J. von Braun, B. H. Kotu (2022) Stimulating Innovations for Sustainable Agricultural Practices among Smallholder Farmers: Persistence of Intervention Matters. The Journal of Development Studies, 1-17


  • Algieri, B. & Leccadito, A. (2021). Extreme price moves: an INGARCH approach to model coexceedances in commodity markets, European Review of Agricultural Economics, Volume 48(4): 878–914,
  • Kornher, L., & Sakketa, T. G. (2021). Does food security matter to subjective well-being? Evidence from a cross-country panel. Journal of International Development, 1– 20. (Open Access)
  • Adong, A., Kornher, L, Kirui,O, & von Braun, J. (2021).  Conflict exposure and food consumption pathways during and after conflict: Evidence from Northern Uganda.  World Development, 147   . (Open Access) 
  • Latka, C ,Heckelei, T., Kuhn, A., Witzke, HP & Kornher, L (2021).  CAP measures towards environmental sustainability—Trade opportunities for Africa?.  Q Open, 1(1)   . (Open Access) 
  • Gotor, E., Usman, MA., Martina, O., Fantahum, B., Fadda, C., Gebrehawaryat, Y., Mengistu, D., Kiros, AY., Mohammed, JN., Assefa, M., & Caracciolo, F.  2021.  Wheat Varietal Diversification Increases Ethiopian Smallholders’ Food Security: Evidence from a Participatory Development Initiative.  Sustainability, 13(3), 1029   : 1-17   . (Open Access)   Further Information
  • Okyere, C.Y. and Usman, M.A..  2021.  The impact of irrigated agriculture on child nutrition outcomes in southern Ghana.  Water Resources and Economics, 33C (2021) 100174   . Further Information
  • Usman, MA., and D. Callo-Concha.  2021.  Does market access improve dietary diversity and food security? Evidence from Southwestern Ethiopian smallholder coffee producers.  Agricultural and Food Economics, 9(18)   : 1-12   . (Open Access)   Further Information
  • Usman, MA, Kornher, L. & Sakketa, TG. (2021).  Do non‐maternal adult female household members influence child nutrition? Empirical evidence from Ethiopia.  Maternal & Child Nutrition, 17   : e13123   . (Open Access)  

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