Economic and Technological Change (ECON)

Economic and Technological Change

ZEF's Division of Economic and Technological Change focuses on sustainable economic development and the reduction of poverty, malnutrition, and inequality. The current research program has a strong focus on economic and social aspects of food and nutrition security, sustainable agriculture and food systems, technical and institutional innovations, and rural development. Typical examples of studies include the analysis of:

  • Links between climate change, poverty, and nutrition
  • Changing food environments, diets, and nutrition
  • Adoption, public acceptance, regulation, and effects of new technologies
  • Infrastructure, institutions, and sustainable development
  • Job futures and rural employment
  • Sustainable supply chains and international trade
  • Food demand trends and healthy and sustainable diets
  • Gender relations and women’s empowerment
  • Social policies, nutrition, and health
  • Development of sustainable bioeconomies

Much of the empirical analysis is carried out in countries of the Global South, but we also examine trends and policies in countries of the Global North. Analytical approaches developed and applied by our team include econometrics, experimental approaches, modeling of households, sectors, and economies, bioeconomic systems analysis, among others. We apply economic concepts in an interdisciplinary way, combined with approaches from the social, environmental, agronomic, nutrition and health sciences and other relevant disciplines. Research projects are often in cooperation with partners from all over the world. We try to combine academic rigor with policy relevance and outreach to the science community, other relevant stakeholders, and the broader public.


Prof. Dr. Matin Qaim

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