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Policy Briefs

Kefeli, D. ; Silva Carrazzone, M.E..  2023.  Estrategia uruguaya para una bioeconomía circular y sostenible: desafíos en promover la ciencia, tecnología e innovación.  (ZEF Policy Brief 47) Download (spanish) [PDF | 1.07MB]

Parlasca, M., Johnen C. and O. Mußhoff.  2023.  Mobile money adoption in Kenya: The role of mobile money agents.  (ZEF Policy Brief 46) Download (english) [PDF | 1.03MB]

Miranda, J.; Börner, J. ; Bruckner, M. ; Lutz, C. ; Reuschel, S. ; Stöver, B. ; Többen, J. and Wilts, R.  2023.  Towards a Bioeconomy within planetary boundaries.  (ZEF Policy Brief 45) Download (english) [PDF | 1.24MB]

von Braun, J. and Martinez-Cruz, T. E..  2023.  Combining indigenous peoples' and local knowledge with science for sustainable food systems development.  (ZEF Policy Brief 44) Download (english) [PDF | 759.26KB]

Deciancio, M. and P. Mac Clay.  2023.  The bioeconomy in Argentina: Lessons for its development and sustainability.  (ZEF Policy Brief 43) Download (english) [PDF | 0.96MB]

Kornher, L. and J. von Braun.  2023.  The global food crisis will not be over when international prices are back to normal.  (ZEF Policy Brief 42) Download (english) [PDF | 708.83KB]

Kornher, L. and J. von Braun.  2023.  COVID-19 economic impacts and social protection in African low and middle income countries.  (ZEF Policy Brief 41) Download (english) [PDF | 445.42KB]

Aziz, A.  2023.  Farming for fish - Success factors for expanding Africa’s aquaculture sector.  (PARI Policy Brief 34) Download (english) [PDF | 545.10KB]

Baumüller, H..  2023.  Mechanization and automation in Africa's agroprocessing sector - Implications for employment and skill needs.  (PARI Policy Brief 33) Download (english) [PDF | 772.83KB]

Baumüller, H.  2023.  Building digital bridges in African value chains. Use and impact of digital technologies among agricultural intermediaries.  (PARI Policy Brief 32) Download (english) [PDF | 629.09KB]