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Policy Briefs

Zita Maria Lenfert and Jan Börner. 2017. Soybean certification and tropical deforestation in Brazil: how to move towards zero-net deforestation. (ZEF Policy Brief 28) Download (english) [PDF | 697.14KB]

Joachim von Braun and Alisher Mirzabaev. 2017. Biofuels and Sustainable Development. (ZEF Policy Brief 27) Download (english) [PDF | 562.45KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 772.70KB]

Joachim von Braun, Nicolas Gerber, Mekbib Haile, Bernardina Algieri. 2017. Food Price Volatility - Implications for Development Policy. (ZEF Policy Brief 26) Download (english) [PDF | 660.60KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 579.38KB]

Jan Börner, Arnim Kuhn, Joachim von Braun. 2017. Bio-economy in developing countries. (ZEF Policy Brief 25) Download (english) [PDF | 3.62MB]
Download (german) [PDF | 1.50MB]

PARI. 2017. Agricultural innovations at the the technological frontier in India. (PARI Policy Brief 4) Download (english) [PDF | 639.20KB]

PARI. 2017. Sustainable intensification strategies for the rural poor. Matching innovations with human and ecological potential within and outside the agriculture sector. (PARI Policy Brief 3) Download (english) [PDF | 408.70KB]
Download (french) [ | 152.00KB]