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ZEF Working Papers

Habert, G.P., Mora-Motta, A., Stellmacher, T. and F. Ther-Ríos.  2023.  Participation and forest protected areas in Chile: Insights from Mapuche and peasant communities.  (ZEF Working Paper 226) Download [PDF | 1.43MB]

Gulati, A. and R. Juneja.  2023.  Poultry Revolution in India: Lessons for smallholder production systems.  (ZEF Working Paper 225) Download [PDF | 1.64MB]

Gulati, A. and R. Juneja.  2023.  White Revolution in India: What smallholders can do given the right ecosystem.  (ZEF Working Paper 224) Download [PDF | 1.51MB]

Walakira, J.K., Hinrichsen, E., Tarus, V., Langi, S., Ibrahim, N.A., Badmus, O., Aziz, A. and H. Baumüller.  2023.  Scaling aquaculture for food security and employment in Africa: Insights from Egypt, Kenya and Nigeria.  (ZEF Working Paper 223) Download [PDF | 866.04KB]

Baumüller, H., Kubik, Z. and T. D. Getahun.  2023.  Mechanization and automation in Africa’s agroprocessing sector: Implications for employment and skill needs.  (ZEF Working Paper 222) Download [PDF | 721.27KB]

Schilling, F., Baumüller, H., Ecuru, J. and J. von Braun.  2023.  Carbon farming in Africa: Opportunities and challenges for engaging smallholder farmers.  (ZEF Working Paper 221) Download [PDF | 1.84MB]