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ZEF Discussion Papers

Mussa, E.C.  2020.  Youth aspirations, perceptions of farming, and migration decisions in rural Sub-Saharan Africa: Further empirical evidence from Ethiopia.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 296) Download [PDF | 814.49KB]

Latka, C., Heckelei, T., Kuhn, A., Witzke, H.-P. and L. Kornher.  2020.  CAP measures towards environmental sustainability - Trade opportunities for Africa?.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 295) Download [PDF | 1.48MB]

Kornher, L. and J. von Braun.  2020.  EU Common Agricultural Policy - Impacts on Trade with Africa and African Agricultural Development.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 294) Download [PDF | 0.96MB]

Bonuedi, I., Kornher, L. and N. Gerber.  2020.  Making cash crop value chains nutrition-sensitive: Evidence from a quasi-experiment in rural Sierra Leone.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 293) Download [PDF | 1.00MB]

Adong, A., Kirui, O.K. and J. Achola.  2020.  "Us" and "Them": Prosocial attitudes between refugees and host communities exposed to armed conflict: Experimental evidence from Northern Uganda.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 292) Download [PDF | 1.28MB]

Stark, O., Byra, L. and G. Kosiorowski.  2020.  On the precarious link between the Gini coefficient and the incentive to migrate.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 291) Download [PDF | 227.34KB]