Dr. Junoo Kamal Tuladhar

Country of current residence


Current position


Current institute employer

Harold Washington College


Environmental Scientist


Soil Science

Degrees / expertise

MSc. Soil Science,1996, University of Reading, U.K

Professional experience

Field survey and Research on Soil Fertility management, Soil Chemistry and soil and plant analysis


Andersen P., J.K. Tuladhar, K.B. Karki and S.L. Maskey.  2004.  Micronutrients in South and South East Asia. Proceedings of an International Workshop held 8-11 September, 2004, Katmandu, Nepal.  ICIMOD, ISBN 9291152102. Kathmandu, Nepal.


Tuladhar, J.  2003.  The effect of Azolla on Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Rice-Wheat Rotations of Nepal.  Doctoral thesis at  Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bonn.  Cuvillier Verlag   Further Information


Tuladhar, J. K.  2002.  Ammonia volatilization reduction in rice with chemical fertilizer And Azolla integration.  Abstracts of International Rice Congress: 16-20 September 2002, Beijing, China


Tuladhar, J. K.  2001.  Soil Micronutrient Status of Chitwan soil.  Annual Report of Soil Science Division (2000/2001)Nepal Agricultural Research Council, Khumaltar, Nepal, .


Tuladhar, J. K.  1999.  Response of wheat to Boron application in Sipaghat Soil.  Journal of Nepal Agricultural Research. SAS-Nepal, Khumaltar, Volume 3:1, .


Tuladhar, J. K.  1998.  Comparative study on soil extraction methods for simultaneous Extraction of P and K.  Annual Report of Soil Science Division(1997/1998) Soil Science Division, Nepal Agricultural Research Council, Khumaltar, Nepal, .
Tuladhar, J. K.  1998.  Productivity and nitrogen use of three different wheat-based rotations in North West Syria.  Australian Journal of Agricultural Research, 49, : pp. 451-458   .
Tuladhar, J. K.  1998.  Long – term Soil Fertility Experiment under maize-wheat cropping pattern in Mid-Western hill of Nepal.  Workshop Proceedings on Long Term Soil Fertility Experiments held at Soil Science Division, Khumaltar 11-13 August, Nepal Agriculture


Tuladhar, J. K.  1997.  First Cycle Maize and Wheat: Synchrony in maize -wheat system.  LARC Working Paper No. 94/2. LARC, Pokhara, Nepal


Tuladhar, J. K.  1996.  Availability of Nitrate from different organic manures in maize-wheat system.  Prabidhi Sangalo vol.II, No. 1, LARC Publications, .


Tuladhar, J. K.  1995.  A system analysis of soil fertility issues in the hills of Nepal: Implications for future Research.  Paper presented at ICIMOD/IDRC workshop on “ Resource Dynamics in Middle Mountain watersheds in Nepal” in Kathmandu, 10-12 April

Tuladhar J K (1996) Towards Sustainable Soil Fertility Management in the Hills of Nepal. LARC and NRI, a joint publication.. 

Additionals, Curriculum Vitae
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Research themes
  • Mobility and migration
  • Ecosystem services
Research countries
  • Nepal
Professional experience
Field survey and Research on Soil Fertility management, Soil Chemistry and soil and plant analysis

MSc. Soil Science,1996, University of Reading, U.K

Doctoral research funded by

DAAD scholarship, research funds from BMZ / GTZ

Junoo Kamal Tuladhar

Former Junior Researcher

Former Division/Group:
Ecology and Natural Resources Management

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