Dr. Hannah Ameye

Research themes
  • Food and nutrition
Research projects

IdeaLabs, IDEAL: A Humanity Centered One Health Label, KU Leuven

Horizon2020 BATModel: https://www.batmodel.eu/

Horizon2020 Flexigrobots: https://flexigrobots-h2020.eu/

Excellence of Science: Winner and losers from Globalization and Market Integration: https://feb.kuleuven.be/WLG-Micro


Development Economics, University of Bonn (present)

Introduction to the Economics of Development, KU Leuven (present)

Guest lecturer Agriculture, Poverty and Development, University of Florence, 2023

Guest lecturer Advanced Development Economics, KU Leuven, 2020-2022

Professional experience

Postdoc and research manager @ LICOS, KU Leuven (2021-2023)

Associate researcher @ Centre for European Policy Studies (2022-2023)


PhD in Economics, KU Leuven (2020)


Ameye, H.  2023.  Dietary quality in rural areas, secondary towns, and cities: Insights from Tanzania.  Food Security, 1-22   . Further Information
Ignowski, L., Belton, B., Tran, N., & Ameye, H.  2023.  Dietary inadequacy in Tanzania is linked to the rising cost of nutritious foods and consumption of food-away-from-home..  Global Food Security, 37, 100679   . (Open Access)   Further Information


Ameye, H., Bachewe, F. N., & Minten, B.  2021.  The rising price of nutritious foods: The case of Ethiopia..  Global Food Security, 31, 100582   . Further Information
Ameye, H., De Weerdt, J., & Gibson, J.  2021.  Measuring macro-and micronutrient consumption in multi-purpose surveys: Evidence from a survey experiment in Tanzania..  Food Policy, 102, 102042   . Further Information


Ameye, H., De Weerdt, J.  2020.  Child health across the rural-urban spectrum.  World Development, 130, 104950   . Further Information


Ameye, H., Swinnen, J.  2019.  Obesity, income and gender: the changing global relationship.  Global Food Security, 23, 267-281   . Further Information

Additionals, Curriculum Vitae
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Hannah Ameye

Senior Researcher

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Economic and Technological Change


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